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Up Close – Beckham and Zindane’s Gold Predator 19+

adidas Predator19+ Gold DB ZZ

It is the boot that celebrates two of the most famous Predator wearers of all time; David Beckham and Zinédine Zidane. adidas has added a modern Predator 19+ release to the DB x ZZ limited collection, offering players a more accessible and familiar style boot to choose from.

Everything about the release falls right in-line with the current Predator 19+ range of releases. The only difference here is that both players worked to co-created this limited-edition collection, which celebrates 25 years of “total control.” The key feature that pay tribute to Zidane and Beckham are the “ZZ” and “DB” sign-offs on the Primeknit mid-cut collar, saluting their loyalty to the Predator range. Using a Gold upper is intended to honor Zidane’s 1998 Ballon d’Or award.

And that gold upper really is spectacular. Rather than a simple flat matte style finish like we have seen on releases of the past, adidas has gone with a gold foil that shimmers and reflects depending on the light source. It is the type of royal gold that you would associate with a king, giving the release an even more regal feel.

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adidas Predator19+ Gold Up Close

adidas Predator19+ Gold DB ZZ Release

Laceless Design and Fit

The Primeknit upper provides the snug, sock-like fit that is absolutely necessary to wear them without falling off. And, of course, one of the most common questions I’ve received surrounds whether they actually do stay on your feet or not.

The answer will all depend on your natural fit. The wider your foot, the more space you’ll take up inside the boot. Obviously, they are not designed to slip off your feet in play. That wouldn’t make sense. In fact, it takes some effort to get your feet in through the narrow and constrictive ankle opening, so as it turns out that is actually the bigger challenge!

The one thing that excites me about these boots is just how accommodating they are for a wide variety of players and foot shapes. Because of the laceless style and the inclusion of a very tight ankle entry, there is bound to be a selection of players that immediately determine them to be a bad option. But, I say give them a chance. Once you slip your feet in, the actual fit and feel is pretty terrific with the upper stretching in a very unique fashion.

adidas Predator19+ Gold Upper

adidas Predator19+ Gold Touch and Control

ControlSkin Upper

ControlSkin, a super soft synthetic material, is employed by adidas to create a clean and effect touch on the ball. To the touch, it is absolutely glorious and not what you would expect. From images, the tiered Predator styling on the front of the boot looks rigid and stiff. But, it is actually a built-in foam structure that is incredibly pliable, and so super soft under your fingers.

It has also has a stretch like feel to it, something that makes it very different from your standard types of synthetic you’d find on other boots. And given the fact that the tiered design does keep it step-to-step shape through wear, makes it even more impressive. The concept is to add some additional definition for enhanced control on the boot, with the material having more angles to cushion while also providing a little extra rebound when you are striking shots.

adidas Predator19+ Gold DB ZZ Shooting

adidas Predator19+ Gold DB ZZ Instep

Another thing that makes these boots so special is how versatile they are. I can’t define a player that they are specifically intended to suit best, and I’m pretty certain there really isn’t a player that won’t enjoy the performance on offer. Consider them to be a hybrid for all positions!

The one aspect of this release that is a bit of a downer is their price-point, with adidas dropping them at the $330 mark. Wow. We haven’t really seen mainstay boot releases spike this high before, and it really isn’t a good omen. That is especially true if they continue to sell as well as they have. Visually, they are incredible and they do provide a look we haven’t seen before. So, choosing to own a pair – whether to collect or to wear in-game – is down to how much you want to invest in a new pair of boots. I have a feeling a lot more pairs of these will go into fan collections than actually be worn.

Find remaining pairs of the Predator 19+ DB x ZZ available at

adidas Predator19+ Gold DB ZZ On Foot

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