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Legacy Boot Co. “Blanc” – A Modern Classic Review

Legacy Soccer Cleats

If you are a player that appreciates old school, traditional style boots without the flashiness of current day releases, you might want to check these out! We are talking heritage style to the max, built for the modern game.

Last week, a pair of Legacy Blanc arrived in via the Legacy Boot Co. and they really are special. Imagine them as a bottle of Champagne sitting amongst a shelf full of Whiskeys! What exactly are we talking about here? Well, here is what the brand has to say about their boots, in their own words:

We make soccer boots in small batches using the finest materials. Each shoe is hand stitched by a skilled artisan and made with premium leather. Like a fine wine, our cleats soften and play better with age. 

Opening the box, you are immediately met with the unmistakable pure scent that you only get from a fresh pair of true leather boots. Hands up if you just got the smell from reading the description!!! In person, they are everything you would expect from a handcrafted boot, with their traditional styling and meticulous stitching. There isn’t anything flashy to see here, instead everything is built to be simple and efficient.

Legacy Blanc Boot Review

When it comes to materials and what you are getting in a pair, here is the Legacy description in their own words:

They are hand-made with the best, softest leather available and if cared for properly, will last a long time and look even better with age.  We suggest you condition your boots whenever they appear dry, using an oil based treatment (such as saddle soap) or standard leather conditioner. The leather will soften over time and adapt to the shape of your foot. It really is a beautiful boot for the beautiful game!

On foot, you immediately get that nostalgic feel, evoking memories of the game in its purest form. They fit very much true to size, with the 9US I wore fitting very comfortably. If you are considering a pair, I’d recommend starting out with what you consider to be your normal boot size. The brand does state they accept returns and want players to have the correct fit so that they can get the most out of their pair. Given that they are a natural leather, they will stretch over time in similar fashion to something like an adidas Copa Mundial or a Puma King. That is worth bearing in mind as you try them on for the first time. In terms of the leather, it really is super supple right out of the box. As you run your fingers across the forefoot, it gently folds and molds very easily.

Underfoot, they have created their own custom soleplate. These are perfect for use on FG and AG surfaces, with the low profile, conical configuration providing a balanced level of traction. The plate also evenly distributes pressure really well, so you have the added bonus of comfort. As you are probably aware, that is a very important aspect of a new boot!

Legacy Boot Co. Blanc Boots

Legacy Boot Co Blanc Heel Design

Legacy Boot Co. Detailing

Legacy Boot Co. Soleplate

The Legacy brand is based in Brooklyn, New York and the boots are handmade in Chile. The Legacy Boot comes from being a part of this culture and being inspired by it. The idea was born from their own search for a simple, classic, leather boot. The Legacy team couldn’t find something that matched their needs. So, the decided to build a shoe.

One of the more unique aspects here is that unlike larger brands, you get a true story that goes along with the boots. In fact, they include a little card along with the boots that introduces you to one of the craftsmen that made them. A real personal touch that gives you additional insight into their story.

Legacy Bootmaker

Finishing up, it is important here to note that this is not a boot designed for everyone. Most modern-day players will look toward brands like Nike and adidas to fulfill their tech heavy needs. Legacy is a brand that offsets the modern market, something you can see clearly through their detailing. You get an imprinted Legacy logo on the boots, on the soleplate, under the tongue and on the insole, ensuring you know what it is you are wearing. It is something to appreciate.

And there is also the retail price to comprehend, with pairs available for $195. That is on the high-end for a classic style boot and puts it into competition with some of the top brands elite boots. That in itself provides a wild challenge. But, there is a definite market for a more tradition boot like this that can provide players with something a little more simplified, built with quality materials and a natural feel on foot!

If you are interested in what they have on offer, check out the Legacy Boot Co. website!

Legacy Boot Co. Review

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  1. Can you comment on the feel of these versus pantofloro d’oro (forgive my spelling)?

    I hate the way the boot market has been going, all I want are a new pair of CTR360s, thinking these might fill the void.

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