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New Balance Furon V5 "Infinite Lite", Iridescent Soleplate - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

New Balance Furon V5 “Infinite Lite”, Iridescent Soleplate

New Balance Furon V5 Infinite Lite Iridescent

If there is anything that adds an extra edge to a new colorway release, it is a flashy soleplate! New Balance has dropped a fresh whiteout version in the Furon V5 silo that takes advantage of its traction system with full effect. We have seen the Furon go full whiteout mode before, but nothing like this!

Flip them over and you are immediately met with a full iridescent tinted plate, with a shimmering mesh of wildly bright color adding a dramatic look. The colors including shift and change depending on the actual light that hits it. Either way, it makes them a showstopper, something other players will ask about on the pitch. All made better by the fact this Furon has become a top market performer, with New Balance getting the formula right on the speed and precision focused silo.

Worth noting here is that you don’t get the full visual effect of the boots on retail images. And that includes the iridescent effect that is also used on the signature “N” side hit. For example, check out their listing on You really wouldn’t know just how dramatic the effect is.

New Balance Furon Infinite Lite

New Balance Furon Iridescent Soleplate

Iridescent NB Soleplate

Iridescent NB Furon Soleplate

Infinite Lite Iridescnet Soleplate

The Infinite Lite pack takes inspiration from the center of the galaxy and the explosive chemical reactions that make up stars, whilst the iridescent details take inspiration from the colors that stars radiate. The boots are designed for players who burn bright on the pitch.

FURON V5 is for UNSTOPPABLE attackers who play with speed, power and precision. The boots’ key attributes include:

  • FantomFit frame technology for clean, deadly strikes at goal.
  • Outsole designed for acceleration, featuring TPU with inlayed nylon chassis for increased stiffness.
  • Hidraskin film for durability and to make them water-repellent.
  • Elasticated lightweight stretch mesh with PU coating for superior comfort and feel.
  • Retail: $229.99

*boots provided for review by New Balance.

NB Furon V5 Infinite Lite

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