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Nike Victory Pack Released, How To Pick the Right Size

Nike Victory Pack Sizing

Released for the Women’s World Cup this Summer, the Nike Victory Pack has caused some confusion with fans wondering what size they need to order. Are they actually a Women’s only pack or can Men find the right size and also wear them? Well, we have the answer.

Nike has treated each boot in the pack — Mercurial, PhantomVSN, PhantomVNM and Tiempo — to a hand-sketched wing pattern, the iconic wings of Nike, Goddess of victory. The Armory Blue hue of the boots is inspired by the prismatic light that passes through the glass and iron pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris (home of the iconic Nike sculpture). The Hyper Crimson accents bring a joyful edge around the Swoosh outline, which creates a copper fleck that flashes when the boot moves through the light.

Size wise, they are released as a unisex shoe, designed to fit both Men’s and Women’s players. This is a change that Nike recently phased in across all boot releases, with each box now listing men’s and women’s sizing on the outside. However, when it comes to retail, this pack is listed exclusively in men’s size. For female players that means you need to select 1.5 sizes down to get your intended fit.

If you are looking to secure a pair, the following sizing chart will hopefully help guide you to the correct size:

  • Men’s 9US = Women’s 10.5US
  • Men’s 8.5US = Women’s 10US
  • Men’s 8US = Women’s 9.5US
  • Men’s 7.5US = Women’s 9US
  • Men’s 7US = Women’s 8.5US
  • Men’s 6.5US = Women’s 8US

Check out the entire pack at

Nike Victory World Cup Pack

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