Thursday , September 21 2023

The Story Behind Jack Grealish Tattered Nike Boots!

Jack Grealish Nike Boots

Sunday league soccer players, eat your heart out at this one…….

If you have been following Aston Villa over the past few weeks, you might have been introduced to Jack Grealish’s tattered boots. On Monday, during the Championship playoff final, we got an extra close look at them, and I’m not sure Nike will have appreciated it too much. Or maybe they did I guess, depending on what type of publicity they are after. Grealish was interviewed post-match and gave his reason for wearing the tattered boots so long, to the point where the upper material has basically ripped apart.

Some crazy stuff for a pro player who has access to any boots he wants, but you have to appreciate his loyalty to his “lucky boots.” And it goes to show that you don’t always have to have the newest boots to play your best.

The actual boots he is wearing are the low-cut Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite, the last version of Hypervenom released. We are pretty certain he will have his pick of Nike boots when the new Premier League season kicks off!

Jack Grealish Nike Torn Boots

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