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adidas Nemeziz 19+ Boot Review

adidas Nemeziz 19+ Laceless

If agility is your thing, you are probably well aware of what Nemezis is all about. Well, adidas continues their wild evolution of the laceless silo with one of the more unique boot designs we have seen to date; welcome in the Nemeziz 19+. This is the latest innovation in 360-degree agility, with the boot created specifically for those who play unpredictably and beat all opposition with spectacular flair, footwork and movement. And it comes together using a revolutionary upper construction that combines function and the visuals of tension, torsion and compression.

We have had a pair in testing over the past few weeks and the results have been absolutely wild! I’ll try my best to talk you through everything performance below, but I can already tell you that this is the type of boot that will play differently for a variety of players.

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adidas Nemeziz 19+ Unboxing

Initial Reaction

The first boot designed to replicate a blooming tulip. Or is that just me?!? Who could have seen a major brand taking flowery designs as inspiration for their latest technologically advanced piece of footwear?

Ok, so that was good to get off my chest early! No doubt a lot of you will have made the same connection and visually, it really is valid. Right from release, there has been an air of mystique about this version of the Nemeziz and how their laceless style fits on foot. Given previous experiences with the silo, I’m pretty sure that these will have a very snug feel, ensuring they stay on foot while adjusting to movements through the use of elasticizes bands. But will they take performance to the next level? In general, I like the colorway a lot. Plus that split soleplate design adds an extra dynamic effect.

Breaking In and Comfort

A lot of the pertinent elements in this section are based off the actual fit of the boots, so I’m going to branch into that part early. First note, the comfort of the boot is dependent on how well they fit your foot. If you naturally enjoy a narrow fit, they really aren’t going to work so well. TensionTape is used across the lacing area like it has been on previous models, but because of the overlapping design, there is a lot more stretch than you would have found on previous models.

So, from a comfort standpoint, you really have to be sure they match your natural fit from first wear. This is not the boot you want to gamble spending money on before putting them on foot for the first time. I have two experiences to share here. Personally, I’m a medium/wide fit and they worked pretty well. I did find that they felt secure right through wear and they are a challenge to get on because the opening is so tight (more on that below.) And I can confirm they never fell off during wear. But, there was this odd level of looseness through the lacing as I pushed forward on some sprints. You do need stretch in the material, but quick blasts of pressure seemed to really burst the flower blooms open. In terms of wear time, I was able to get them into a game after the second wear. It was nice to be able to ease them in as the upper material is pretty stiff, and with a laceless boot it is always nice to adjust over a few wears instead of jumping into the unknown.

The second piece of performance feedback came from a friend with a more narrow foot shape. His feedback just wasn’t good, with the boot feeling very loose on foot. He found they just didn’t match his foot shape to the extent that he returned his pair. So, when it comes to comfort on foot, they genuinely are not for everyone!

adidas Nemeziz19+ Fit

adidas Nemeziz19+ On Foot

adidas Nemeziz19+ Boot Review

Laceless Design

When you look down on the boots, you will notice there are three tightly wrapped, overlapping pieces of tape on either side that create the laceless design. As a result, the opening is very tight. And that means they genuinely take a minute to get on your foot. Honestly, you are going to need the included shoe horn to get them on for the first time. And the second time, and then again on the third time. In fact, even after a dozen wears I find myself thinking “oh gosh, here we go again” as I put them on! So, I can confirm with confidence that the actual “replacing laces” part is definitely taken care of.

One other note here that is significant, there is also a lateral band that runs across the top of the midfoot, hidden inside the boot. This is the all important piece that keeps you truly locked inside the boot. But because it is a lateral piece, it stretches as your foot pushes forward against it, this why they can feel loose at times.

Agility Focused

A common question that surrounds the Nemeziz is what makes them an agility boot? We see brands continually target their boots to a certain category or style, and for the Nemeziz it is all about agility; the ability to move quickly and easily. And this falls in line with the laceless design, with mid cut collar and split soleplate. The concept is that they lock onto your foot and act in unison with your natural movements. Even the upgraded soleplate points toward a more dynamic level of motion in play. And the inclusion of TensionTape that stretches through wear

adidas Nemeziz19 Soleplate Design

Touch, Control, Shooting

One thing is for certain, adidas is targeting these toward attack minded players. You just need to look at the players wearing them to see that Nemeziz is all about those that want to excite on the offensive side of the pitch; Fermino, Isco, Bernardo Silva, Diego Perotti, Moise Keane to name a few. So, how does that play into their performance on pitch?

In terms of touch and control, there isn’t any added element to enhance feel on the ball. The upper material around the forefoot is more rigid than you might expect, it definitely doesn’t have that knit like feel that was found on previous versions of Nemeziz. Maybe that is to shore up protection and reduce the feel on impact with ball or other players studs. So, you definitely get a reduced level of natural touch on the ball.Yes, the material is still pliable, with plenty of natural movement across the surface, but it also feels slightly thicker than really needed.

What they have going for them is that added level of protection compared to previous generations of Nemeziz, while also jumping them more into a natural strikers boot. When striking the ball, there is a definite reduction in the amount of impact your foot has to endure, so you can put your foot fully through strikes. They are also ideal as an option for wingers, or players that like to move at speed naturally.

adidas Nemeziz 19+ in Risk Red

Traction and Soleplate

Underfoot, adidas has gone with a split soleplate design. Where have we seen this before? The latest Nike Mercurial releases! So, there is definitely some inspiration taken from another brands boot design. I gotta say, it adds a new dimension to the Nemeziz as your foot does feel a lot more balanced across the surface. And as you flex through sprints, the plate easily mimics your movement, a lot more responsive than some stiffer one-piece designs

Something I really appreciated is how accommodating they are across multiple surfaces. adidas use a mix of low-profile conical and oval studs that just feel right on pitch. You are grounded with excellent traction on offer whether you play on natural of artificial pitches. I’d have no problem recommending them as the type of boot that easily transitions from one to the other.

How do they Fit?

Other than the fact you have to fight to get them on our foot, they are actually pretty accommodating to wear. Once your foot is inside, you will notice there is an extra snug feel across the top of the midfoot, where the laces normally would exist. Then through the forefoot, they seem to open up and are very much suited to a larger fit. I’d put them right on the verge as being a wide footed option, just on the cusp. So, they have plenty of potential in that regard. Length wise, stick with your true to size option

Critics Notes

I get that there is a coolness that goes along with laceless boots and it is fun to be the guy that gets to show up with the latest tech. But to me, fun is another way of saying novelty And when it comes to boots, I don’t want something that represents novelty. Copa Mundial, Tiempo Legend, even the Nemeziz 19.1 are all boots that hold a more serious tone; the type of boot I want to wear in order to get the business done on the pitch.

If you are a parent, make the decision to save some money and look elsewhere, even if that is just the laced version of Nemeziz. Kids reading this, take a minute to evaluate why you want these boots. There is definitely something to be said about adding confidence to your game through having the boots that suit your style. If you feel that way, then yes stick with exploring these boots as an option. But, also take the time to consider what you are getting; an expensive boot that just might not suit your playing style.


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Retail Details

Investing in a pair of laceless Nemeziz 19+ doesn’t come cheap. Original retail is $274.99, putting them firmly in the elite level market. To date, we have just had the one Active Red release, but having seen future colorways, there is a lot more to come from the silo. adidas are going to be able to splash multi-colors across the TentionTape upper. Stay tuned for some fun releases!

Alternatively, look into pairs of Nemeziz 18+ that are currently available at great sale prices. You still get to experience laceless, but at a much more affordable price point. Worth at least considering!

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: The latest generation of laceless boot, highlighting agility and offering players a completely unique type of fit on foot.
Category: Agility
Weight: 8.4oz
Would I Buy Them: For players that want something different that stands out, they can be considered an option. But, I’d personally look elsewhere, even if that was a previous generation of Nemeziz+.
Player Position: Although they are geared toward attacking players, they really suit anyone that appreciates agile footwear, where there is a lot of natural movement between foot and boot.

Review Scores out of 10

Visual Effect
Agility Category


User Rating: 3.61 ( 15 votes)

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  1. Great review! I’ve been drooling over this shoe for the longest time especially the stealth-looking all-black colorway that I saw from this site. I’m so glad that they are still available in my size and I might just go ahead and cop them right now for a discounted price on the website. I’ve tried these on in person and I agree that the laceless tech is not for everybody but personally, I find the fit very comfortable and perfect for my playstyle.

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