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What Does the Patrick Excellent have on Offer?

Patrick Excellent FG Boots

Fans of old school, traditional boots will be familiar with the brand name Patrick. There is sure to be a lot of you that haven’t heard of the French brand before, but they are synonymous with releasing quality, leather boots. There latest release, the Patrick Excellent, leads the brand in a very different direction. There is only one place you can purchase them from in the US (Amazon), so they really aren’t a release you will hear a lot about.

We got our hands on a pair to see what is so different about them, and to provide you guys with a firsthand, initial reaction to what they have on offer. Even with its modern design, there is still a nostalgic feel to opening an old school Patrick box and finding that iconic wrapping surrounding the boots!

Patrick Excellent Unboxing

Patrick Excellent Review

First note, the upper is a synthetic rather than a leather. For some that will be an immediate red flag, what is a divergent move by Patrick that caters to a foreign category of player. There is also a lot of definition through the forefoot, with a tiered wave design adding a sort of power element to the silo. It is the type of styling that mimics the Nike Tiempo Legend 7, with a foam skeleton under-layer for added rebound on impact. What makes it different is a very light honeycomb pattern that runs across the surface. This isn’t deep enough to offer any major difference in how they feel on the ball. Weight wise, they drop in at a decent 9oz.

Patrick Excellent Released

Patrick Excellent Upper

Patrick Excellent Soleplate

Flip them over and you get a very basic style soleplate. What is nice about it is that the studs are conical and low profile, which makes them an ideal crossover option between grass and AG surfaces. it actually has “AG Soleplate” imprinted along the heel of the boot, giving you a clearer indication of who these are catered for. But, it also has the appearance of a generic soleplate, which means there is little testing gone into the overall performance.

Overall, these are a decent boot, especially when you consider the price-point. Plus they provide you with a unique piece of footwear that not a lot of other players will be wearing. It is, however, unfortunate that Patrick has deviated from their brand mission and produced something that is a little more blasé against what is already on the market.

Find the Patrick Excellent available for $74.99 at Amazon.com.

Patrick Excellent Soccer Cleats

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  1. Old school boots are the best!

  2. This boot totally rips off Nike's Ag-pro Soleplate. I would've thought that a more established brand like Patrick would have a little more self-respect for itself.

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