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Umbro Medusae III Pro Boot Review

Umbro Medusae Pro III

If leather and speed are two of the key requirements for your next pair of boots, these you have to check out! Umbro quietly dropped the Medusae III Pro earlier this year, as an alternate to the Elite, laceless version. Here in the US, there wasn’t a whole lot of hype surrounding their introduction to the market, and in reality there is a large number of players that are probably finding out for the first time that they are available.

Bathed in a clean pearl white upper, we grabbed this pair in a size 9US to find out what they are all about. There are other colorways available (including a traditional Black version) but where is the fun in sticking to the norm?

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Initial Reaction

It is a sad day when Umbro boots are not available in the US. Over the past few years, we have seen the popular English brand come and go without warning. The introduction of the Medusae III is a very much welcomed addition, providing younger players that might never have owned a pair, the opportunity to try them out at least once. The Medusae III has a very unmistakable look that combines traditional styling with a modern flare. Going into testing, my expectations were high. You expect Umbro to provide quality, and the leather upper with an embossed pattern just looks right.

Umbro Medusae III Unboxing

Umbro Medusae III Pro

Breaking In and Comfort

What a simple, yet truly effective boot to take out of the box and into a game. Umbro has done a terrific job of crafting the Medusae into something that players will enjoy wearing from day 1. With a super soft upper and very flexible soleplate, there isn’t a whole lot to impede immediate performance. They are lightweight and fit incredibly well right around your foot.

From first wear, I had an immediate connection with these and could tell that they were going to be a boot I’d wear for more than just testing. And that is what has happened. They now sit in my bag as the perfect reliable back-up when needed. What makes them so unique is the buttery soft k-leather upper and continues to give, providing an exquisite stretch through wear, hugging your foot in the most natural fashion. And underfoot, the soleplate is uber flexible, with solid traction on FG and AG surfaces. They are the perfect example of a simple, yet effective boot release.

Touch, Control, Shooting

Touch, lets talk about that K-leather upper for a second. Oh my, what a winner! We have a lot of K-leather boot options on the market, and they all have their own set of characteristics. On the Meduae, it is about as soft and supple as you will find on any boot. We are talking buttery soft, the kind of material you want to have enveloping your feet to truly understand. I’ve found myself on several occasions running my fingers across the instep, enjoying that light stretch feel knowing how well it cups my instep through wear. In terms of leather boots on the market, these rate as one of my absolute favorites.

When you couple all that with the fact that they weigh in at a super light 6.2oz, you know you have something extra special. With brands drifting away from super lightweight over the past few seasons, these currently weigh in as one of the absolute lightest currently available. And that is something you can tell through wear, as they really have a featherweight feel underfoot, ensuring you can make the most of every step through your sprint. Effectively combining lightweight with K-leather isn’t something that has come easy to brands in the past, but I’d rate these as an absolute success.

Even shooting, they have their value. Maybe it is more placebo effect, stemming from the positive interaction I had with them initially, but striking balls with them felt absolutely natural. I had an air of confidence as I strolled up to the ball, hitting what I perceived to be clean strike after clean strike. When you have a boot that fits so well on foot, you already have an advantage when it comes to the attacking side of the game.

Review of Umbro Medusae III Pro

Umbro Medusae III Pro k-leather

Umbro Medusae III Pro k-leather upper

Umbro Medusae III Pro Soleplate

Traction and Soleplate

Built to be an FG style boot, the Medusae features a sprint outsole with a stud configuration built for maximum agility and speed. The plate has plenty of flex in both directions, with some springback to give you a little extra dynamism through sprints and quick cuts. Added to that is the low profile, conical stud configuration. I can’t say it enough, low profile, conical studs are the most efficient on the market for players that want to jump from FG to AG in the same boots. On FG, you get plenty of traction pending the grass is not too long, while on AG the low profile design reduces drag and allows you to shift laterally without over drag.

How do they Fit?

Compared to the market, they are very much a comfortable, true to size option. Up through the forefoot, they provide a very accommodating medium to wide fit. You can give thanks for the buttery soft K-Leather for that. It is so soft and very mouldable, ensuring they suit a very wide variety of players. I’d place them with a similar fit to the latest Tiempo Legend or Copa release, minus the collar.

Umbro Medusae III Pro Review

Critics Notes

I’m a little concerned on the durability end of things. Through testing, my pair held up decently well. But, there was some very slight separation between upper and soleplate that I can tell will only get worse over time. Then there is the fact the k-leather upper is so incredibly supple. As much as I talk it up, there is also the possible negative side of it splitting quicker than something more rigid. Now, let me state here that mine have not ripped in any way shape or form, I’m just giving my two cents on what might happen over extended wear.

The Takeaway

I’ll be honest, I’m blown away by how good these boots performed. I think the key element is how simple they are, there isn’t any overly complicated. They are comfortable, break in easily, fit extremely well, and don’t create any unnecessary distractions right through wear. They just work! And when you factor in their $199.99 price, they provide you with excellent value for money.

Check out the entire Umbro Medusae III line-up of boots at soccer.com.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A simple, effective release from Umbro that takes advantage of k-leather crafting in a very lightweight package.
Category: A lightweight speed style boot with comfort at the forefront.
Weight: 6.2oz (very light!)
Would I Buy Them: Absolutely, YES! In fact, this pair has quickly become one of my go to backup pairs while testing other boots. Add a sale price in, and they are total value for money!
Player Position: Another boot that fits so many playing styles. Whether defensive or attacking, these are likely to fall into your bag as a solid favorite.

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