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Initial Reaction - Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Initial Reaction – Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Up Close

It took a few extra weeks, but we finally got our hands on the re-engineered Nike Tiempo Legend 8. We are talking top tier quality, with a timeless leather exterior and a highly modernized interior combined to deliver a technical beast of a boot!

Right from the offset, you could tell that things would be a little more radical with this 8th generation release. That wild upper texturing gives the boot a very unmistakable look, one that could easily fool players of its purpose. But that structured, rigid appearance is actually very deceptive. Nike has stuck with a super supple, premium k-leather that molds in legendary Tiempo-esque fashion, just like you would expect. As the ball contacts the surface, the material folds into a more uniform design, hugging your foot while cushioning the ball.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8

Nike Tiempo 8 Upper

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Lacing

What is also crucial to the fit you get with this latest edition is the inclusion of Quadfit mesh and a Flyknit fit tunnel. Both are designed to lightly hug your foot while keeping you locked in the boot. But it isn’t like a constricted lockdown, instead it is much more knit based. I like a medium/wide boot and I’d rate these as a very decent medium/wide true-to-size fit.

Underfoot, Nike has stuck with a Hyperstability soleplate that has proved successful across recent Nike releases. It makes them a perfect option on both natural and artificial surfaces. I’m a fan of the low profile conical stud configuration through the forefoot, as it allows for quick release and natural movement through torque motions.

The overall concept of the boot is kept pretty simple, but players can definitely expect a new level of performance from this generation of Tiempo. We have a whole lot more to talk when it comes to the actual review, but if the Tiempo is on your list of boot options right now, I’d already list them as a top recommended option. Personally, I’m a big fan of the all around fit, and the surprisingly natural feel you get on the ball.

 Find the latest Tiempo Legend 8 line-up at WeGotSoccer.

Nike Tiempo 8 Initial Reaction

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