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adidas F506+ “Limited Collection” TUNiT Released

adidas f506+ TUNiT Released

They have arrived!!! Introducing the limited edition F506+, inspired by the iconic f50 TUNiT colorway that was worn by top players at the 2006 World Cup.

This latest version won’t have the TUNiT set-up in play, so it is just the boot rather than a skin and interchangeable stud configuration. They will, however, have the same tongue cover in play. Only this time, you can fully remove the cover down to the bottom lace eyelet, using Velcro to refasten it in place over the lacing system. Underfoot, they feature a modern Sprintframe outsole that offers plenty of comfort and traction on artificial turf and natural grass. This makes its transition from the X19 line, with the outsole helping to reduce the weight of the boot, showing just how far adidas has come in developing speed boots. These weigh in at 7.6oz.

You can find the limited collection release available at

f506+ TUNiT

What was the f50 TUNiT?

There is no doubting this is an iconic look that will evoke fond memories for a variety of players that either wore or remember seeing them being worn in 2006. But I’m also aware that the current generation of players might have no idea what they were. The f50 TUNiT was a boot release that consisted of two pieces; an upper and a separate traction system. You could decide between FG, AG and SG studs on any given TUNiT upper. Think of the latest GLITCH system, only you had the ability to change the studs on the skin that you choose.

I’m not certain that adidas are truly happy about how this release turned out. Yes, they mimic the original very well, but that tongue cover seems to be a little obtrusive. And then there is the fact they dropped with very little PR details or images. It seems like they want others to do the work promoting the boots without having a direct input. Realistically, I’m not too sure how well they will sell, with the immediate reaction from fans being more of a shoulder shrug than one of excitement. Only time will tell how they do!

Personally, I would have preferred an actual modern TUNiT remake. Update the materials, drop the weight, make it a collectors set with 3 sets of interchangeable studs, $300, that would have sold really well!

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