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Initial Reaction – Umbro UX Accuro 3 With D30 Technology

Umbro UX Accuro 3 Pro

If you follow the boot market closely, you will know that Umbro tend to come and go with the seasons, bringing us an inconsistent array of boot options. The current offering includes the UX Accuro 3 Pro, a boot built for control. And honestly, this is a boot that has totally grabbed my attention. Since the limited edition version was released, I’ve been extremely eager to get my hands on a pair to test. And finally, I have them in hand!

First off, what is with the design and what is it that makes them special? Across the forefoot, you will find a ridged texturing. This is that D3O shock absorption material that is intended to dissipate energy in the foot when you look to control the ball, providing a dampening effect.

The collar and heel is also pretty interesting, with a very soft knit material resting with a high cut along your Achilles, running down through the heel of the boot. It adds some extra stretch, to enhance comfort around your heel.

There is so much more to break down with the UX Accuro 3, and we plan to get you all the answers as we begin to test them. If you have any immediate questions you’d like answered about them now, leave a comment below and I’ll try to add additional initial reaction answers.

For those that want to jump on a pair right now, find them available in the US for $199.99.

Umbro Accuro 3 Pro D30

Umbro UX Accuro 3 Released

UX Accuro 3 Released

How Does D30 Technology Work?

D3O offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impact on the market. D30 materials are made using a combination of advanced polymer chemistry and cutting-edge design. The materials are soft and flexible, with no compromise on comfort, but react differently when force is applied. It absorbs and dissipates energy during an impact, reducing the amount of force transmitted to your body compared to standard foams.

Umbro UX Accuro 3 Pro Soccer Cleats

Umbro Accuro 3 With D30 Technology

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  1. HI Bryan, just got my pair and I am finding that these are extremely stiff (and bend funny at the top of the toe box/bottom of laces). Similarly, the soleplate seems to be perhaps slightly slimmer than I’d like and it’s not the most comfortable (but again I’d probably say that they’re “stiff” rather than too narrow). Did you notice similar stiffness when you tried yours out and did you find that it “unstiffened” as you continued to play? Cheers!

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