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5 Huge Recent Boot Releases Worth Checking Out!

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Over the past few weeks, we have had a wide variety of different style boots released to the market. Yes, we know there is always something new being released these days, making it extremely tough to stay upto date with the latest trends. And that is why we bring you a rundown of some of the more important release, some that you might have missed in between.

There is something unique about each of these releases that gives them a little more significance to fans. Case in point the reintroduction of anti-clog to the US market – it has been too long! Check the list below, and let us know if there were any other important releases you feel are worth highlighting.

This is our list of 5 huge recent boot releases worth checking out!

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Singles Day

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 “Singles Day”

A boot released specifically to celebrate the day known as “Singles Day.” The idea was to introduce something on November 11th when single people buy a gift for themselves. But after the day was done, plenty of boots were still availalbe for us non-singles to pick-up!

The mix of Black and Hyper Crimson evokes powerful emotions, connecting red love with the darkness of an empty heart. Yes, I get that this is a bit of a stretch, but the color mesh very well creating a very nice looking boot.

Find remaining pairs (before all the singles get them) at

New Balance SOCCER.COM 25th Anniversary

New Balance has created a very special edition Tekela v2 release that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the SOCCER.COM websites existence. It was 10 years after the company was founded as Eurosport, when a future thinking decision was made on Nov. 14, 1994 to secure the SOCCER.COM domain.

Featuring a Risk Red and Silver styling, this Tekela colorway symbolizes all of the shared values between both brands. Both are proudly family-owned and American-born.

Only 94 pairs were released to retail, all exclusively at

Puma Winterized Boot Pack 2019

Puma FUTURE 4.1 Winterized

The limited edition Puma Winterized Pack is absolutely worth checking out, what the brand is labeling as the ultimate cold-weather boots. In particular, we wanted to point out the FUTURE 4.1 silo (left) and its ice-cold green colorway. What makes the difference here is a Thinsulate 200g insulation inner layer that retains heat and keeps your feet warm during the rawest of winter games.

We saw adidas try something similar on the Predator last season, but they haven’t yet followed up with a similar release this year. That makes this an ideal release from Puma as they look to stand out from the crowd.

Find the ice cold FUTURE 4.1 Winterized at

Tiempo Legend SG-Pro

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite SG-Pro

If you are on the market for a soft ground pair of boots, Nike just dropped the latest Tiempo Legend colorway with an SG-Pro soleplate. Underfoot, the soft ground outsole utilizes longer, metal screw in studs for improved traction on wet surfaces.

And you also get to experience the incredible Anti-Clog technology; a coating applied to the soleplate that ensures mud doesn’t stick, meaning your studs stay clean and able to provide grip and traction all game long!

Find pairs (retail $240) available at

Unozero Modelo in White Leather

Unozero Modelo 1.0 White Gold

If white k-leather is your thing, UNOZERO is back with a fresh new look on the Modelo 1.0 that might just have to be your next pair of boots. We are talking crisp and sharp white, mixed with a secondary golden shade across the signature side sash and heel, bringing the heritage style boot to life in an entirely new way.

Pairs are currently available to pre-order through 12/2/19 via the UNOZERO website. And if you do order, expect to receive monthly goodies between the time of your purchase, and when the boots are delivered, which is set for February 2020.

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