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Top 10 Recommended Gifts For Soccer Players

Soccer Christmas Gifts

Trying to find gifts for soccer players often comes down to new boots and new jerseys. But, if you are looking to break the typical mold and come up with something just a little different, we have have come up with some top suggestions. All of these products we have either tested or wear and they all come with top recommendations. They also span a wide price range, so some might be outside of your budget, but they might also prove to be gifts you look into purchasing in the future.

If you have any additional suggestions, we are open to hearing in the comments!

Kwik Goal Shoe Dryer

Kwik Goal Shoe Dryer

Having finally had the opportunity to test one of these on, they have jumped to the top of my recommendation list. For parents, it means less smelly cleats and a longer lifespan on boots. For players, it means an easy and effective way for keeping your boots in good condition while providing an easy way to ensure you are not pulling wet boots out for your next practice or game. It is an absolute must-have, especially if you are frequently playing in wet conditions.

All you need to do is slip your boots over the air vents and turn it on. Just make sure to use it in the garage or somewhere where the smell won’t stink up your entire house. There is also a smaller portable version available for those away days when you want less things to carry!

Price: $59.99

Hylete Compression Shorts

HYLETE Compression Underwear

Players like to wear different styles of underwear under their shorts. Personally, I enjoy wearing compression gear as it keeps things held in place while reducing any burns when sliding on turf or dry pitches. There is a lot of compression gear out there, but one brand I recommend checking out is HYLETE. They are athlete specific, with an emphasis on fashionable design. I’m a huge fan of their compression gear as it fits incredible well and is designed with durability in mind.

The materials are slightly thicker than other brands, so they are less likely to rip or tear. I’m using a stock image for this one, I’ll save you all from taking a pic of me wearing them. But note that they are what I currently wear, so they come recommended.

Price: $28 to $34

Soxpro Socks and Laces

SoxPro Socks + Laces

Grip socks plus laces are the new must have items for soccer players, with the socks adding to in boot grip while the laces create an extra level of tackiness on the ball. There are several different brands that make these socks and laces, but I like these the best. Plus they are a little cheaper, making the investment a little more worthwhile.

Price: Laces for $12.99 and Socks for $34.99

munin rebounder angled

MUNiN Rebounder

This one is the one product that involves a big investment. Before testing it for myself, I had several reservations including the price. But it has completely won me over, and when you see how much potential it has and what it offers training wise, it does offer a sense of value for money. The rebounder itself is pretty large, so you will need space to store it. But it is foldable, with the ability to change the angle of the rebound depending on the actual drill you are doing.

It comes with an app and you have the ability to attach a smartphone for more advanced drills, making it pretty addictive you use.

Price: $495

Nike Strike Snood

Nike Strike Snood

This is a pretty simple one that pays itself off the first time you have to play in cold weather! Worn by pretty much every pro player in Europe, a snood provides that little extra heat to allow for more focus on performance during practice sessions. Designed to cover the neck and can be pulled up over the mouth and ears. Lock drawcords on the back secures the snood in place, with a reflecting swoosh to make you more visible during night time runs.

Price: $19.99

Soccer Is Your Life 1

Soccer Is Your Life Poster

This one is more of a personal plug as it falls under the SC101 family. If you are looking for a very unique gift that will inspire long after it is received, check out this selection of posters. Using motivational text, all the posters come in universal framing sizes so they can continue to motivate anytime a player needs a quick pick-me-up. Each poster can also be customized, just request before ordering!

Also, we have an exclusive free shipping code that you can use through December: FREESC101

Price: $14.99 to $21.99

SenseBall Review

SenseBall Training Ball

This is a simple little tool that can provide a lot of key training when it comes to touch and control. SenseBall is a training football (soccer ball) on a string that is designed to improve your game through bilateral activity, or 50% left foot and 50% right foot. My kids love using it, and just leaving them around the house has increased the amount of time I see them kicking a ball! It is a very simple system that can help players improve through practice without even knowing they are practicing!

Price: $39.99

C6 Guards

C6 Agility Shinguards

Without a doubt, the best shinguards available on the market for numerous reasons. They are thin, super lightweight and provide excellent protection thanks to their carbon fiber shell. I’ve been wearing these for the past few years and they are still in excellent condition. In reality, you can pick up a simple pair of guards for $20. But they tend to be bulky and shift around in your socks, making them somewhat uncomfortable. C6 are an investment, but I can assure you that they are a worthwhile one for what you are getting and how much you will wear them!

Price: $144.99

Quick Feet Trainer

Quick Feet Trainer Kit

This is a product that has been developed to mimic some of the top training rooms used by pro teams. The concept is simple; you stand inside the hexagon, with 6 sides surrounding you to use as rebounders. You then use skills and reactions to follow the commands of the voice to make passes of specific sides. You are graded on performance, with multiple types of drills available to do. It is ideal for teams to use, but can also be a perfect training tool for players at home that need some individual practice.

Price: $119.99

Kwik Goal Soccer Tennis

Kwik Goal Soccer Tennis

Ok, so I’m adding this one to the list as the product I don’t have, but I very much want! (hint! hint!) Everyone loves a game of soccer tennis, and I’ve found myself setting up chairs with a layer of pre-wrap strapped across to work as the net while playing with friends. We used to play before and after practice in the locking room when I played with NE Revolution.

Having a real system on hand that can be used on any surface would be a huge treat and make life a whole lot easier! Soccer tennis is an incredibly fun way to improve fundamental skills, while showing off some nifty reactive touches in tight spaces.

Price $94.99

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