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Kwik Goal Shoe Dryer Review

Kwik Goal Shoe Dryer

Winter soccer means one thing; coming home with wet, muddy, rain soaked boots. And what do you do with them when you get home? Well, the one thing I hope most of you don’t do is leave them in your bag! If you are one of the smart people that want to get the most out of your boots, you should be at least taking them out of your bag, clean them and find a dry spot for them out to airdry.

Thankfully, there is an even better solution that can make things a while lot easier and better for your boots; a shoe dryer.

Having had the Kwik Goal Shoe Dryer in testing for the past few weeks, I can tell you it is an incredible investment that will pay back its worth in no time. Simple to use and very effective, you place each of your boots on one of the two boot stands. Air is then slowly pumped through the vents to help push moisture out of the boots. I’ve even been using it to dry my kids boots and it is extremely effective.

Kwik Goal Shoe Dryer Review

Normally I’d have a whole breakdown on a product like this. But everything about it is very self explanatory. You plug it in, slip on the boots and turn on the drying function. My only major advice is to make sure to use it in a garage or somewhere that is not a living area. Because you are drying wet boots, the smell is not exactly something you want floating around your house. When it comes to actual drying time, you can set it to run for 120 minutes, or 2 hours. I haven’t had them that wet yet that I’ve needed the full 2 hours. When they were damp, I ran them for 30 minutes. And when my daughter wore her IC pair playing soccer on a tennis court last week, I only needed 60 minutes for them to dry out.

Is it worth its $59.99 price tag? That would be a resounding yes, especially since you will be using it year round. Even if you are playing in warm summer conditions, the ability to dry any sweat or residue that sits inside the boots will only help keep them in better condition.

Find the Kwik Goal Shoe Dryer right now at soccer.com.

Shoe Dryer from Kwik Goal

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