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Nike PhantomVSN 2 Released – The Details!

Nike PhantomVSN 2 Released

The next wave of PhantomVSN has arrived, with Nike focusing on creating generation #2 for those quick passes and unanticipated moves that are required to be successful. Phantom Vision 2 has been upgraded with a revamped fit, superb texture and an easy foot entry to fulfill the performance needs of attacking players. Again, comfort is high on the agenda, with Nike building them from the inside-out. In other words, foot shape and feel through a 90 minute game got serious consideration.

With a pair already in hand, we have had a chance to test them out and see how they compare to the original version. There is a lot to uncover, with the new lower ankle cut being one of the most noticeable modification, one that demonstrates a fresh approach from the Swoosh.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the main talking points as well as some of our initial thoughts on what the Nike PhantomVSN 2 has on offer.

Nike PhantomVSN2

PhantomVSN2 Ankle Cut

Nike PhantomVision 2 Ghost Lacing System

Upper Design + New Ankle Cut

For exquisite fit, the boot upper is constructed with a symmetrical Flyknit external layer. Like its predecessor, the boot carries the concealed Ghost Lace system, which allows an even strike surface and one-pull fit customization, along with Quadfit technology, a stretchable mesh that provides foot lockdown.

To bring a more dynamic and sleeker silhouette, the cuff has been lowered under the medial malleolus bone to maximize ankle mobility versus containment. Pull tabs were added for ease of entry and exit, featuring a small numeral graphic calling out the GPS coordinates of the Nike Football’s design space.

Nike PhantomVSN2 Upper Texture

Touch and Control

Players want some slip on the outside of their foot (so when they are dribbling they don’t get stuck on the ball), but they also need containment on the side, where most of the balls are received and passed. To keep touch at the forefront, the PhantomVSN 2 texture is significantly reengineered and informed by four different quadrants — medial trap zone, strike zone, knuckle zone and dribble zone. As the ball travels through each one, the volume of the texture is adjusted up and down to accommodate these movements. Additionally, a 20 percent thinning of materials across the touch zones helps increase ball control.

Traction and Soleplate

An external heel clip is notched for better lateral containment, as well as adding structure and support to one of the main irritation zones. Underfoot, the Nike PhantomVSN 2 retains Nike React cushioning for the small-sided version and a lightweight and responsive plate on the cleated version.

Nike PhantomVSN 2 Pull Tab

SC101 Initial Reaction and Notes

  • Color wise, Nike has done a great job. The mix of Black and Red is very sharp, with silver on both swoosh adding a standout effect.
  • Nike has included a pull-tab on the front of the collar and it proves to be super useful when putting the boots on! Makes it a lot easier to squeeze into the snug collar.
  • I’m all about the collar’s lower cut around the ankle. It adds security without compromising that dynamic feel you need through sharp cuts and quick turns.
  • They fit true to size and very similar to the original. I’d rate them as an ideal medium/wide fit option.
  • Loving the Ghost Lacing system, again, as it allows you to easily tuck the laces out of sight after tying them up.
  • There is so much texture through the upper, so much to elaborate on in the actual boot review.

Yes, we are already taking these through their paces to see what they have on offer performance wise. To date, everything has been very positive and I’d rate the experience to be very similar to the original, with the upgrades taking them up another level. But, we will cover everything you need to know in detail when the review drops, hopefully in the next week.

If you are considering a pair, they are not officially released to retail until January 23. So, you have some time to research what they are about before ordering. You should also keep an eye on, just in case they end up dropping on pre-release!

Nike PhantomVSN 2 On Foot

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