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How Does DEMONSKIN Perform On The Predator 20+?

adidas Predator 20+ Upper

There has obviously been a lot of focus placed on the design of the new adidas Predator 20+ since they were released a few weeks back. It is a clear shift of direction from adidas, back to the original stylistics and mental approach.

DEMONSKIN is a new breakthrough technology made up of a textured spike layer on the Predator upper. And this is where the design goes all futuristic! Informed by years of data-based research and testing, DEMONSKIN is the result of a computer algorithm being used to create an entirely new interface between boot and ball. It’s spikes have been deliberately crafted to wrap the front and side of the boot in a formation that aligns to key contact points with the ball, combining to give players enhanced control and touch on the ball, while also promoting spin when striking.

How does it feel on the ball? Right now I’m in the process of wrapping up a review of both the Predator 20+ and Predator 20.1, but I definitely feel like any feedback here can be helpful to those who are considering picking up a pair now. DEMONSKIN itself is actually decently rigid, something I imagine has to be the case considering it has to keep all these spikes locked down on the surface. As a result, they have a snug fit with little stretch on offer through wear. From images, the spikes that flow right across the upper surface are very radical. Each features an attacking shaped design, pointing away from the boot and hooking out toward the toes. The idea here is to create a “Predator” like connection with the ball, emphasizing the performance characteristics of a pure power boot. On the ball, you definitely notice it’s impact, to the extent that it takes away your natural touch on the ball. In fact, it almost seems overly aggressive, adding an unnecessary barrier between you and the ball as you dribble or take touches. When striking the ball, it provides a little extra spring and cushion, which actually plays positive to their performance. But, from a personal perspective, it is not the style or type of material I ultimately want as I’m looking to maintain ball control at speed.

adidas Predator DEMONSKIN Upper

Predator20 DEMONSKIN

With that in mind, I’d label them as more of an attacking style boot for play makers and goalscorers who rely on shooting as part of their game plan. Not necessarily the maestro who needs to consistently get on the ball with small touches in tight spaces, but more of the impactful attacking mid who sprays quick balls and looks to shoot on sight. As a winger, or player that likes to move quickly with the ball at my feet, they just didn’t prove as useful. This should give you more of an idea as to who they are geared toward and what can be expected from them in game.

There is a lot more to cover on this piece of technology, the decision of adidas to transition back to a power style, and the overall durability of the design. Stay tuned for a full review to drop in the next few days.

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