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Can You Wear the Puma FUTURE 5.1 Without Laces?

Puma FUTURE Laceless

With the likes of Marco Reus and Todd Cantwell wearing the Puma FUTURE 5.1 without laces, we had to tackle the burning question; can it be done? What I mean by that is pro players have the opportunity to modify their boots, so it could be a little misleading to see them wearing the FUTURE without laces. How do we know that the collar isn’t tighter on their boots compared to the pairs released to market? Well, we don’t.

So, the only way to really find out if they can be worn laceless is to wear them in games without laces. And that is exactly what I did several times over the past few weeks, all in the name of science! First off, I purposely chose to go with laces in my left boot and no laces in my right boots in the Flash Blue colorway, as per the image below. This allowed me to compare the fit and performance of both during play, an opportunity to see if the laces really did make a difference.

And what did I discover? RESULT: Yes, you can absolutely wear them laceless, and they stay secure on foot. The collar plays an effective role in keeping you locked inside, with very little opportunity for your foot to casually slip out during play. It would take a serious tug to pull them off. And there is little to no difference in how they feel striking the ball, with or without the laces it feels just the same.

Puma FUTURE 5.1 Can You Wear Without Laces

Puma FUTURE 5.1 Colorways

In saying that, I felt more comfortable in the left boot that was laced, you just get that added level of security and a more well rounded fit that hugs your foot. Being able to dictate your own personalized fit in a boot that already has a compressed shape doubles up to provide a more efficient and enjoyable feel.

For pro players, they still might have a little more compression around the midfoot and forefoot to make them more secure, or maybe they enjoy that little bit of freedom provided without the laces. Either way, if it is something that you want to try, rest assured that it can be done. You can comfortably wear the Puma FUTURE 5.1 without laces if you chose!

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Todd Cantwell Laceless Puma FUTURE

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