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Nike PhantomVSN “Future DNA Hypervenom” Released

Phantom VSN 2 Future DNA

In what will be 1 of 4 iconic remakes, Nike today dropped a release that many of you will recognize; the Phantom VSN 2 “Future DNA Hypervenom”, or in more simple terms the 2020 Hypervenom Phantom x Phantom Vision remix.

In order to create the iconic look, Nike took the original visual design found on the Hypervenom Phantom (released in 2013) and dropped it on the current Phantom Vision 2 silo. The Phantom VSN 2 Future DNA Hypervenom channels the spirit of its predecessor with throwback colorways and is updated with texture placed exactly where control is needed — on the instep for trapping, and along the outside of the foot for creative dribbling and flicking passes.

Find the Hypervenom x PhantomVSN avaialble at soccer.com.

PhantomVSN 2 Hypervenom

In 2013, the Hypervenom dropped in an iconic orange and black colorway with a skull and crossbones graphic that made one thing clear: This cleat means danger for defenders. The Phantom Vision 2 ‘Future DNA Hypervenom’ channels the spirit of the OG Hypervenom with a throwback colorway that highlights the key touchpoints of the cleat used to score goals, and several attacking innovations of its own. Track them all season on the feet of bright and future stars—like Kai Havertz—around the world.

I’m super pumped about this design and its reintroduction to the market. But many are questioning why Nike wouldn’t just release the OG boot, with some minor upgrades, in this iconic colorways. Why the need to use the current model boot and not give fans the nostalgia of re-owning the original. I absolutely agree that that would be the way to go, since the original Hypervenom Phantom was such a solid performing boot. I would have forked out to get my hands on a pair of those! But for Nike, placing it on the current PhantomVSN silo makes more sense. First, they already have the silo in hand and only have to change the colors. It also allows them to showcase modern performance, instead of going back to older materials and creation processes. And third, they couldn’t really give a model that $200 a $275 like they have done with the current model. Well, they could have, but where would the justification have been with that?

Ultimately, this is a classy look that will become a conversation starter on and off the pitch, when other players see the look and reminisce on the former release. This is the first in a series of four releases that Nike will drop over the next few weeks, each of their current silos will be dressed up in a throwback design just like this one.

Again, find pairs while available at soccer.com.

Nike Hypervenom x Phantom Vision Released

Hypervenom x PhantomVSN Remix

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