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adidas Nemeziz 19+ “Encryption Pack” – Up Close + Performance

adidas Nemeziz Encryption Pack

Not only does the adidas Nemeziz 19+ silo have one of the wildest designs on the market right now, but when you add a colorway like the Encryption Pack, it makes for an unmistakable on-pitch look. This version features a matte gray coloring with an all over camouflage pattern on the boot; made up of a variety of light and dark gray shades, with the three stripes in a solar orange to pop against the muted background.

Every opportunity to get hands-on with a boot is worth taking, so we wanted to take another up-close look at what exactly the laceless Nemeziz 19+ has on offer.

First off, if you are a Nemeziz 19+ fan then you will be well aware that they are geared around agility. This is the latest innovation in 360-degree agility, with the boot created specifically for those who play unpredictably and beat all opposition with spectacular flair, footwork and movement. And it comes together using a revolutionary upper construction that combines function and the visuals of tension, torsion and compression.

adidas Nemeziz 19 Encryption

adidas Nemeziz Encryption Upper Design

Nemeziz 19+ Encryption Pack Heel Design

When you look down on the boots, you will notice there are three tightly wrapped, overlapping pieces of tape on either side that create the laceless design. There is also a band that runs across like a security belt just inside the opening. As a result, they are very tight. And that means they genuinely take a minute to get on your foot. BUT, other than the fact you have to fight to get them on our foot, they are surprisingly accommodating to wear. Once your foot is inside, you will notice there is an extra snug feel across the top of the midfoot, where the laces normally would exist. Then through the forefoot, they seem to open up and are very much suited to a larger fit.

From a comfort standpoint, you really have to be sure the Nemeziz 19+ match your natural fit from first wear. This is not the boot you want to gamble spending money on before putting them on foot for the first time. Personally, I’m a medium/wide fit and they worked pretty well. I did find that they felt secure right through wear and they are a challenge to get on because the opening is so tight.Good news; I can confirm they never fell off during wear. But, there was this odd level of looseness through the lacing as I pushed forward on some sprints. You do need stretch in the material, but quick blasts of pressure seemed to really burst the flower blooms open. In terms of wear time, I was able to get them into a game after the second wear. It was nice to be able to ease them in as the upper material is pretty stiff, and with a laceless boot it is always nice to adjust over a few wears instead of jumping into the unknown.

Underfoot, adidas has gone with a split soleplate design. Where have we seen this before? The latest Nike Mercurial releases! So, there is definitely some inspiration taken from another brands boot design. I gotta say, it adds a new dimension to the Nemeziz as your foot does feel a lot more balanced across the surface. And as you flex through sprints, the plate easily mimics your movement, a lot more responsive than some stiffer one-piece designs. Something I really appreciated is how accommodating they are across multiple surfaces. adidas use a mix of low-profile conical and oval studs that just feel right on pitch. You are grounded with excellent traction on offer whether you play on natural of artificial pitches. I’d have no problem recommending them as the type of boot that easily transitions from one to the other.

Best part, this colorway is on sale right! Find them at

Nemeziz Encryption Pack

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