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New Balance Tekela v2 Pro – Standard + Wide Fit Options!

New Balance Tekela v2 Pro Blackout

It is a boot that continues to build on the growing stature of the New Balance brand; the NB Tekela v2 Pro. Think of these as a boot built for the playmakers, the game changers, the ones who always influence a game.

With this blackout version in hand, I wanted to immediately discuss one of the biggest talking points of Tekela; the difference between the standard fit and wide fit options. Yes, each Tekela colorway comes in both a standard and wide fit, something that we get a lot of questions about. Here is what you need to know about both:

  • The standard version provides a decently spacious medium to wide fit, making them an ideal option for a wide variety of players.
  • I’m glad to report that the wide fit version sits as one of the best options you will find on the market right now. If you haven’t been able to find a proper wide fitting boot, then you should definitely check thsese out.

The second generation of Tekela features a soft and thin synthetic microfiber upper, with unmistakable Kinetic Stitch embroidered bands. These bands are placed across key high stress zones, offering more lock-down and stability where you need it. But they also play another role, providing an extra level of texture across the boots surface, so you get a little extra tackiness on the ball. It isn’t a proper control element, but it does play a role especially if you are playing on a slick pitch where the ball skids off the surface.

New Balance Tekela Kinetic Stitch Upper

NB Tekela v2 Blackout Review

New Balance also use a similar one piece collar that has a fully bonded “no sew” seam for superior midfoot lock-in and ultimate feel on the ball. It works really well in creating a comfortable, as-one connection around your ankle and done through the lacing system.

What makes them different to the first generation Tekela? Well, these are a much more dynamic version than the original, with the shape of the boot contouring directly up along the foot. When you slip them on, they seem very sleek and form fitting. Second, the stitching is again very prominent, with New Balance incorporating the technology in a more refined fashion. The added texture actually plays a pivotal role in how they feel on the ball. And finally, that collar really feel secure on foot, a little tough to squeeze your foot into but definitely worth it when you get them on foot!

Check out all the latest Tekela v2 colorways at

New Balance Tekela v2

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