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What Boots Are Currently On The Boot Wall? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

What Boots Are Currently On The Boot Wall?

SC101 Boot Wall

You might have noticed I tend to post plenty of pictures of the boot wall in my office on social media. Not surprisingly, they tend to be some of the more popular pics with followers. As a result I also get a lot of questions that go along with them, so I wanted to run through and answer a few here.

First off, it is important to note I see myself more as a boot tester than a collector. It is really cool to be able to keep boots that I really like and enjoyed testing, but I don’t go out trying to add the most collectable boots. My ultimate goal is to test and experience the boots so I can share feedback. As a result, a lot of the boots on the wall have been worn several times, then cleaned up. Or in some cases, I was able to test a different colorway and keep the pair on the wall exclusively for images. There are so many true collectors out there that have incredible collections, I think it is important to acknowledge I’m not in their bracket of coolness!

SC101 Boots

Second, so many of you spot the fact there is only one of each boot on the wall and the boot shelf. I keep the left boot of each pair out, and leave the right boot in the original box, in my garage. Most importantly, this allows for more space. And having the same left boot of each pair allows me a quick and easy way to be able to reference and compare. All I need to do is turn around, grab a boot and I am able to discern the information I’m needing. On occasion, I’ll need to take a pair out to wear and test. In those instances, I just walk out to the garage and source the right boot.

Finally, so many of you ask how I choose what to put on the wall. Well, being honest, there is no set logic. I chop and change them around a lot. In fact, sometimes I’ll take a pair down for images, and when I get back inside, I just put up the first boot that comes to hand. There are times when I’ll look to create a cool pattern or showcase a particular brand a little more. If you ever want to see a cool pattern or style, let me know! Always willing to change it up for images you’d like to see.

Below is a pic of the current boot wall, taken this morning and shared on our Instagram and Twitter pages. Is there any particular boot that stands out most to you?


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Some of the choices currently sitting on the #bootwall. Is there a boot that stand out more than the rest to you? 🤷‍♂️

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