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Mizuno Morelia Neo KL II – Feature Review

Mizuno Morelia Neo KL II Reaction

Any time that you combine a Mizuno boot with a k-leather vamp, you know that you are in for a treat! Across all releases, it is a constant that the Japanese brand knows how to deliver in the performance category.

Where the Morelia Neo KL II differentiate themselves is in their price, dropping in at an extremely efficient $140. It makes them one of the most affordable k-leather boots on the market, but it leaves you wondering if they can match up the expectations that comes with being a Mizuno release.

These have been somewhat elusive to get my hands on over the past year, but finally we managed to get a pair in to check out and review. A full review will follow, but they are actually running low on available sizes. So, for now I wanted to share some initial reaction for those currently considering a pair.

Find remaining sizes available at

Mizuno Morelia Neo KL II

Morelia Neo KL FG Boots

First note, and this is almost a given, these are not an MIJ release. “Made in Japan” releases are the elite level of the boot world. Mizuno use a premium k-leather across the vamp that gives you optimal touch on the ball. It isn’t as supple as other higher priced Mizuno releases and you can definitely tell there is a difference in quality when you put them side by side. But, how many of you will put them side-by-side with another Mizuno boot? Honestly, if someone handed me these boots and asked for my opinion on the quality of the leather, I’d put them in the $200 range.

On foot, they match expectations and provide you with a balanced combination of comfort and performance. This comes from my limited experience wearing them doing some fitness drills and knocking a ball around. I actually wore a pair a size larger than I normally wear, so I can’t offer you concrete feedback. But, I really wanted to get a feel for them to see where they ranked compared to other Mizuno boots. And, ultimately, I was impressed with that these had on offer for their price.

Morelia Neo KL Leather Vamp

Morelia Neo KL Heel

When it comes to fit, I can offer my experience with the Morelia Neo MIJ. They provided a very natural fit that I found to be true to size. The pre-conditioned fit that comes with the MIJ version means there is already stretch and a naturally adjusted shape. You don’t really get that with these, and it might be why the upper feels a little stiffer out of the box. Obviously, wear over time is where you get that extra softness.

And finally, that soleplate. You can give me a pair of boots with a soleplate that features low profile, conical studs any day of the week and I will be happy! It makes them an ideal option to wear on FG or AG surfaces, a perfect boot to transition between both.

If you want my summary take on them, I’d label them as an affordable boot with a high quality feel on foot.

Again, find remaining sizes in this colorway at

Mizuno Morelia Neo KL II FG

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