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Puma King Platinum Feature Review – Return of the King

Puma King Platinum FG

Released as the new era of Puma King, the King Platinum dropped on the market with the tagline “Return of the King.” It is an attempt to reinvent what is a more traditional style silo, taking it into the modern era of lightweight construction and ankle collars.

Highlight of the release has to be the soft, high-quality kangaroo leather that is strengthened by an inner skeleton layer through the front of the vamp. You can tell where this is via the light ridging. As well as adding support to the upper and ensuring increased durability, it is also gives a little extra texturing on the ball.

Find the King Platinum in Black available at soccer.com.

Puma King Platinum Leather Upper

Puma King Platinum K-Leather

Puma King Platinum Leather

All in all, the leather upper really is spectacular and adds to the quality of a boot that weighs in at 7.0oz. Puma taking a heritage boot into the speed category, and I’m not joking with that. This is the type of release that is sleek and refined, ready for pacey wingers or center mids who need to be light on their feet as they ping balls around the field. They hold some Nike Tiempo Legend VII vibes, with similarities in how they are pieced together. And then they are crossed with a leather adidas adiZero release to give a really well balanced end product.

Visually, the inner skeleton layer adds an unusual look that isn’t as illustrustrious (or “clean”) as some other k-leather boots. It almost looks like a tiered ladded right up through the central portion of the forefoot. The added texturing doesn’t offer a lot on the ball, but as is the case with any leather upper boot, you get a little extra feel and touch as you dribble. They are not exactly a “strikers” boot, but they do provide clean contact with the ball.

It gets better with the inclusion of a knit collar, next level feel and fit around the ankle. It provides some compression to keep your foot locked in the boot, while keeping you comfortable. Because of the stretch, it doesn’t leave you feeling constricted in the boot, providing plenty of natural movement as you swivel and turn. I personally love its inclusion and feel like it adds a whole new dynamic to the release.

Puma King Platinum Review

Puma King Platinum Soleplate Traction

Some important notes when it comes to fit on foot. First wear, I was a little nervous that they were going to be too tight. There was a lot of pressure on my heel and I took them off pretty soon after putting them on. It took 2-3 wears before I felt confident enough to really break them into extended play. Once I did break them in, they felt really good, and got better after more wears. The key is to allow them to loosen up, let the leather soften naturally to your fit and the collar to gently stretch with your movements. I’d rate them as a true-to-size option that need a little time to adjust. It is a boot you need to be patient with, but can reap the benefits of as a result.

It has taken a while for us to get our hands on a pair of King Platinum, so this review isn’t as timely as you might expect. But, Puma has stated that they are keeping the King Platinum as part of their 2021 line-up. Anywhere that currently has pairs available has them listed as a 4 or 5 star boot, with plenty of positive reviews flowing in since their release.

Final note; I agree and disagree with Puma’s “Return of the King” tagline. Yes, it is a King release with all the characteristics that you expect from the k-leather upper to the consistent soleplate underfoot. But, it is also a reimagining of the silo, a fresh introduction to a modern day king that takes the performance of the silo in a new, upgraded direction. Overall, a very high quality release!

Pairs that do remain can be found at soccer.com.

Puma King Platinum Fit and Feel

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