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adidas X Ghosted Released – New Levels Of Speed!

adidas X Ghosted Speed Boot

adidas has dropped a brand new version of X that is intended to provide a completely new level of speed. Welcome in the adidas X Ghosted.

Let me start by stating that these are visually striking, with adidas looking to use the boots design as a key marketing tool. This comes together thanks to the introduction of a brand new, single layer translucent upper called Mirageskin. The design possibilities with this new material are endless, and we are going to see some incredible looking releases in the next few months.

This single layer of high-performance Mirageskin material is layered over a wire framework to create a seamless upper that provides lightweight stability and support. Its unique, ghost-like and semi see-through aesthetic visually represents the feeling it gives athletes. Further nods to speed come in the detail, with the three-stripe placement inspired by the wings of the peregrine falcon – the fastest creature on earth.

You can now find the full X Ghosted line-up available at soccer.com.

adidas X Ghosted FG

adidas X Ghosted Released

In another first, and this should prove to be a key talking point from a performance perspective – adidas has built the X Ghosted with a vacuum fit experience. This actually lets players feel the air sucked rapidly out of the boot when worn, creating a super snug fit that supports explosive moves thanks to its proximity to the contours of the foot. I’m really not entirely sure how this will work in reality, but it sounds intriguing.

Underfoot, there are a lot of changes that will get fans excited. adidas is introducing carbitex speedframe – a dynamic carbon plate. This innovation was crafted via an open source approach, and harnesses the extreme power and performance of carbon fiber but in a flexible form. X Ghosted is the first football boot available at scale with the integration of a dynamic carbon plate. They also worked on improving the stud configuration and came up with a toe spring, allowing on demand lineal bursts but also providing the support for explosive agile movement.

adidas X Ghosted Soleplate Design

I have two immediate concerns with these boots that I’ll be eager to experience and provide feedback on. First, carbon fiber in the soleplate equals heat, when it comes to playing on hot turf pitches during the summer months that could be a real problem. Second, that vacuum fit sounds to me my blister alley. I appreciate the idea of a boot closing in around you foot, but unless it is soft like knit, there are going to be lots of areas where the material has the opportunity to rub. We will have to see how they both play out!

Key Talking Points

  • Single layer translucent Mirageskin upper.
  • Three-stripe placement inspired by the wings of the peregrine falcon.
  • Vacuum fit lets players feel the air sucked rapidly out.
  • Carbitex speedframe – a dynamic carbon plate.
  • Soleplate features a toe spring.

The X Ghosted range is now available at soccer.com.

adidas X Ghosted Design Possibilities

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  1. A great pair of shoes. The adidas speed boot category has seen some interesting images since they formed the “X” brand and moved away from the F50 concept. The F50 was a direct competitor to the Nike Mercurial series, with a focus on the most barefoot feel and a stiff and responsive soleplate – all while trying to shave down as much weight as possible.

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