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Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 CR7 JNR Boot Review

Nike Superfly 7 CR7 Safari Junior

This past week, I have been testing the Nike Superfly 7 Academy CR7 boot. First I would like to talk about the design. The design on this boot is called a “Safari print.” It reminds me of a Dalmatian. The first time I saw them I said to my dad “are these called Dalmatian boots?”

*This review is the first in our series of reviews that come directly from a youth soccer player, for youth soccer players. Check out Mckinley’s bio at the bottom of the review.

How do they fit?

The fit is interesting. I wore a size 2C, which is my usual shoe size. The top, around the ankle, is tight enough to keep the boot on. When you slip them on, it is tight at first because usually the front of your foot is wider than your ankle. But once you put them on they feel fine. I feel like when I’ve tried other boots with the ankle collar, it would be uncomfortable. But, with these it was very flexible and could bend each way. Then the rest of the boot (upper) is loose so you can move your foot around. But not too much. And they don’t narrow in too much around the toe either. Some boots I’ve worn close in around the toes and feel uncomfortable, these are wider.

Nike Superfly 7 CR7 Testing

Nike Superfly 7 Kids Review

Nike Superfly CR7 Kids Boots On

Touch and Control on the Ball

The outside of it is tough. When the ball comes down and you control it, it feels like it stops on your foot, so there is no bounce off your foot. When the ball comes flying in the air, you can easily control it. It feels like the ball wants to be a magnet to the boot.

The shape of the boot from the ankle to toe, moves down flat across my foot. So, the angle is more pointy than other boots that are rounded. This makes it easy to strike the ball and hook the ball up to you. It’s as if the boot was a shovel. Even though I said they were loose, they can somehow strike a ball hard. When I kicked it it felt like I had control over the ball. Like I could move it.

Superfly CR7 Safari Print Kids

Compared To:

I have previously been wearing the “Nike PhantomVSN”, they are super nice. I like them a lot. They are comfortable and easy to wear. I was surprised that the Superfly feel pretty much the same. I really like these boots also. Again, they are very comfortable and it’s easy to strike the ball.


I really think other kids will like them and here is why:

  • I personally like the colors.
  • I also like the shape and the ankle collar is really cool.
  • They were super comfortable to wear.
  • I felt like they give you the strike of a pro soccer player.

You can find these boots available at

Nike Superfly 7 Safari CR7 Youth

Safari Print CR7 Superfly Kids

About Mckinley Byrne

Mckinley plays soccer for the 2011 Green Storm. Her goal is to help other youth soccer players find the right soccer cleats for them. Its her dream to one day be a soccer star. Her favorite player is Alex Morgan.

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  1. Very nice I love it. A textured material and stretchy collar wrap your foot for streamlined speed, while a versatile plate provides explosive traction on a variety of surfaces.

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