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New Balance Furon v6 Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

New Balance Furon v6 Review

New Balance Furon v6 Boot Review

How does the New Balance Furon v6 Test and Review?

Introduced as the “lightest, fastest and most explosive” boot released to date by New Balance, the Furon v6 is designed for players who want zero distraction and lethal precision. Considering they are a sixth generation release, the gradual evolution of the series should have us excited for what these have on offer. And I can say without any doubts, that they are the best New Balance boot released to date! There is a lot to like about them, starting from the first time you take them out of the box and discover how pliable the entire boot is in hand.

I’ve had this pair in testing for a while, and they have actually jumped into my back-up boot rotation. So, I’ve had plenty of time to assess everything from comfort to durability. In reality, I’m actually pretty embarrassed by the fact I haven’t dropped this review sooner. More details on just why down below!

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Initial Reaction

New Balance has truly upgraded the Furon series with this release, taking the design and focus in a completely new direction. The materials are much more pliable than previous versions, something you will notice right away when you take them out of the box. And the new ankle cut makes for a welcome additional when you slip them on for the first time. This is an exciting new release that has the potential to really increase New Balance stake on the market.

New Balance Furon v6 Review

NB Furon v6 on foot

Breaking In and Comfort

There is absolutely nothing better in the world than taking a new pair of boots out of their box and right into a practice session with no comfort issues. Even better is the fact that you can tell from first inspection that they won’t cause any problems. There is a weird sense of reliability and confidence that oozes out of the Furon v6 box and it translates perfectly onto the pitch. Out of all New Balance boots released to date, these are without a doubt the most comfortable, taking top spot away from the Tekela v2.

Rather than putting it all into perspective here, let me break down several important pieces that enhance comfort and result in a seamless on-pitch debut.


The first thing I want to talk about it the fact these feature a new adaptive, lightweight FIT WEAVE stretch upper material. Hypoknit is actually the official name for the upper. Hypoknit and FIT WEAVE together have been engineered to provide a reliable, life-long shape retention for ultimate feel every time you wear them. What is important to note here is that New Balance are telling you right out of the gate what you can expect; a stretchy upper. For those with a narrow fit, this could prove to be problematic. But, for wider fitting players it creates an air of excitement.

On foot, the entire boot molds across your foot without creating any unnecessary pressure. FIT WEAVE is very pliable and as long as you open up the laces the first time you try them on, you will immediately fall in love with how they feel on foot. Where other similar silos like the Mercurial Vapor and X19 create a very secure, closed in fit, the Furon is quite different. It is almost like they move in unison with your foot through wear, probably because that is how a knit material is designed to maneuver.

New Balance Furon Up Close

New Balance Furon FIT WEAVE Upper

New Balance Furon Heel and Collar Fit

Ankle Collar Design

One other very noticeable difference is in the ankle, with the introduction of a sock like system. The Hyper-lock tuned lacing system and collar package allows for ultimate locked-down feel during play. New Balance also researched and targeted and implemented support zones for minimal weight and incredible responsiveness.

Touch, Control, Shooting

I’m definitely not going to categorize these as a power or shooting focused boot. Instead, they are more dynamic in a way that will connect more with playmakers and creators. You don’t get any sort of elements on the forefoot that will enhance striking shots. Because they are a knit material, the upper feels very this and you feel a lot of impact. When it comes to touch and control on the ball, that creates a dream scenario, where you can really connect with the ball.

There is texturing across the surface of the boot, created by how the knit upper is crafted together. I found that it provides an added element that allows you to control the ball more confidently in tricky situations.

Traction and Soleplate

Underfoot, New Balance employ a Nylon plate with a ribbed midfoot that offers plenty of stability through every change of direction. There are 6 chevron shaped studs that encompass the forefoot, with 1 opposite direction chevron stud placed in the center. This is one is positioned to help when it comes to quick changes in direction. I personally found them to be most effective on natural grass surfaces, providing true grip through quick chops and changes in direction. When it came to wearing them on turf, they were fine. I didn’t have any negative experiences with them. But, in general, low profile conical studs are the optimal style for artificial surfaces, reducing any unnecessary drag.

And how often to you find us talking about the actual insert, the removable insole. Here, it is called the infiniGRIP insert and it plays a very influential role when it comes to traction. They have a weird grip to them that works in keeping your foot locked down with minimal slippage, ensuring you are not sliding around inside the boot.

New Balance Furon Soccer Cleat

How do they Fit?

Of all New Balance boots we have seen to date, these provide the best and most comfortable fit. That is a bold statement, but right out of the box you can immediately tell there is something unique about this version of the Furon.

They are absolutely true to size, with natural length and a comfortable forefoot cavity that can be considered an option for wider fitting players. As per the above, the added stretch in the material gives a wider variety of players the opportunity to wear them without an sizing issues. I’m a medium/wide fit and found that they provided an excellent true to size fit.

New Balance Furon FIT WEAVE

What to expect from the Furon v6

Let me break it down with an analogy. You decide to buy a new car, so head to the dealership a little nervous about what you are going to get. You see a bunch of Porsche and Teslas, but you also see this newer model car that has been getting ok reviews. But, you really like the style and decide to gamble on what you are getting. Your expectations are high, but you really don’t know what you will end up getting.

When you do get into your new car, you are very pleased to find out that they are just as good as you “needed them to be.” They don’t match up to what you’d get in a Porsche or Ferrari, but they do leave you very pleased with your new gamble investment. Hopefully this review reduces any of that anxiety and gives you more confidence going into a purchase.

Ultimately, if the Furon v6 is not on your list of boot options to check out, it really should be!

Critics Notes

Listen, I really enjoyed everything about these and they are going to continue as one of my go to back-up boots. I love the shape, fit, comfort and overall performance they offer. If there is something to note, it is that they won’t provide a lot of protection across your upper, and you will feel the impact of any rash tackles, especially where studs are involved.

Retail Details

The pictured Neo Flame/Silver version was the intro colorway in the series, you can still find pairs available and at very good sale prices. There are also several other colorways available, including whiteout and blackout versions, all of which can be found with at an initial retail price of $209.99.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: The best release from New Balance today, the Furon fits extremely well and is reliable on foot.
Category: Control, speed and agility and combined into one boot.
Would I Buy Them: Yes – that would be a definite yes. And given the fact so many pairs are on sale right now, it makes them even better value!
Player Position: I see them as being an ideal playmaker boot, from wide wingers who like to take defenders on to midfield maestros that like to create from the middle of the park.

Review Scores out of 10

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User Rating: 3.85 ( 8 votes)

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