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How Does the Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX Perform?

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech

When you are in the market for a classic, iconic, modern traditional style release, a Diadora boot is always a good choice. The premium Italian brand has been in somewhat of a slumber over the past few years, but every so often they drop a delightful new boot like these; the Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX.

First note – in some corners, you will hear them referred to as the B-Elite Tech FG, which is basically a shorthand way of detailing the extravagance of the release. What you are getting is a boot that features a luxury feel and iconic design elements of 1990’s Diadora boots, with cutting-edge lightweight tech.

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Premium Leather Upper

As you’d expect, these are made in Italy, with this version featuring a premium leather upper. That leather through the forefoot transitions into synthetic material around the ankle area. And adding to the modern elements is an E3S collar that wraps around your foot for ultimate fit. It has a controlled fit around and along the Achilles, with a some extra stretch and padding for bonus impact protection

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech FG

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech Leather Upper

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech Teardrop Studs

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech E3S collar

How do they Fit?

So, this is one of the most important factors you need to take into consideration before buying a pair. They have what I like to call a “European sizing.” In other words, they are listed as one size but they definitely fit longer than advertised. I’d recommend going down a half – or even a full – size down to get the right fit. Through the forefoot, the shape provided is decently wide with some added give provided by the leather upper. So, they will have plenty of appeal with a wide range of players. But again, dropping down a half or full size is the right move. I wore a size 9US, but I would have preferred an 8.5US.

Underfoot Upgrade

Diadora use an all-new soleplate design that features teardrop studs and an external heel counter for extra stability. The big talking point is those for teardrop studs that offer an improved rotational traction and straight-line speed on firm ground surfaces. They are also decently low profile, which means these immediately drop into the recommended options for wear on artificial turf surfaces.

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX Summary

In summary, here is what I really like about these.

  1. Teardrop stud configuration – Ideal for wear on both FG and TF surfaces thanks to the modern underfoot design.
  2. E3S collar – I love how they fit around your ankle, creating a glove like fit. They feel secure and very modern on foot.
  3. Iconic Stitching – right through the forefoot, Diadora use their ever iconic and timeless stitch pattern. It works perfectly to create a very pliable and responsive leather forefoot.
  4. The insole – ok, this is a very simple one, but it adds value. Diadora add a light grip texture on the insole that helps keep your foot locked down.

Considering all the positives on offer, there is only one real challenge with them, and that is sizing – something to consider and evaluate before investing in a pair. Remember a half size – or even full size – will provide you with a more ideal fit.

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Diadora B-Elite Tech

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  1. Really wish this review came out earlier! I pulled the trigger on a pair after missing out on the made in italy versions, and went with my regular size 10. Really think I would need like a size 9 on these. Same thing happened with the PFX Charly's, im regularly a size 10.5/10 on mercurials and tiempos, and on both shoes I feel that they are too big at size 10. What other shoes have this European sizing?

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