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adidas Nemeziz+ “Atmospheric Pack” Up Close

adidas Nemeziz+ Atmospheric Pack

Featuring a wavy, wild and almost dizzying pattern, the adidas Nemeziz+ “Atmospheric Pack” is one of the most complex boots currently on the market.

This is our first chance to see the latest Nemeziz+ in person, and there are some definite modifications to the upper. adidas made a play at upgrading touch and control, by adding a textured update to the razzle-dazzle colorway. It is tough to tell where it is because of the combination of colors, but up close you can tell there are gold ridges that run down through the forefoot in key contact areas.

adidas Nemeziz+ Up Close

adidas Nemeziz 2021

Nemeziz+ 2021 Upper Texturing

The closed collar goes unchanged, looking like an onion that needs layers peeled back before you can slip your foot inside. It provides a snug, locked, and seamless fit around the ankle. adidas state that the construction allows for easy entry into the laceless boot, but don’t be fooled….at least first time out! You are going to need to use the included shoe horn to squeeze into the entry, which makes sense considering they offer a very precise fit. Over time, it creates a more customized, compression style fit around the foot that you won’t slip out of.

What you get with the laceless strike zone is one of the purest contacts imaginable, allowing you to hit long balls and shots with pinpoint accuracy. Added to that is the Tensiontape that wraps all around the foot and enhances a barefoot-like touch on the ball.

From a personal perspective, I prefer the laced Nemeziz.1 version. Having the opportunity to create your own level of tightness via laces is a personal preference. But, as laceless style boots go, the Nemeziz range has always offered one of the best fits. One of the biggest concerns is that they have the opportunity to fall off or feel loose on foot. I can confirm that that won’t happen – they will stay locked on your foot thanks to the added constriction around the ankle. And this won’t change, or loosen, over time.

Find all the latest adidas Nemeziz+ colorways at

adidas Nemeziz+ Black Gold

Nemeziz+ Soleplate

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