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How The Puma FUTURE Z Is Influenced By Neymar

Puma FUTURE Z Neymar

When Puma announced the release of the FUTURE Z earlier this month, there was a direct emphasis on how they were created for the World’s most creative players. That makes sense considering Neymar has become the lead player wearing them, headlining the boots introduction on the market.

That got us wondering, how much of a role did Neymar have in their creation process? Even though he just joined the Puma brand in August, these boots just have the look and feel of a boot with Neymar’s influence right throughout. And we did see him test some unnamed blackout boots over the past few months. And given it was a huge decision to switch from Nike to Puma, I’m sure he offered some requests on a signature boot before switching brands. The FUTURE Z seems to tick all the right boxes. Below are a few observations that support that argument.

Puma FUTURE Z Up Close


It starts with the fact FUTURE Z has been built around an adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band, giving the boot optimal lock-in and support through explosive movements. That as-one fit combined with compression to aid through dynamic movements matches the expectations of what Neymar needs to enhance his game.

The upper is made from an innovative new knitted material coated with a thin layer of GripControl Pro to provide superior touch and ball control. This is also optimal for his movements, cutting and creating in tight spaces, needing every inch of distance between him and a defender to play make.

Finally, underfoot they feature a cutting-edge new Dynamic Motion System outsole has been developed for advanced traction to drive the opposition crazy. This is the Z component, with the eye-catching Z-shaped soleplate reducing weight, providing 360-degree lock-in around the foot and maintaining a stable plate for playmakers to perform devastating accelerations, movements and skills.

Puma FUTURE Z On Foot

Puma FUTURE Z Testing

I’ve already been wearing and testing the FUTURE Z and have only positive thoughts to share to date. Even though the fit is designed to compress around the midfoot, it has enough give to allow a comfortable feel on foot and through wear. Knit style collars and lacing are some of my favorite innovations over the past few years, they allow for a more defined fit that mimics variable foot shapes more naturally than any other material. If you are considering ordering a pair, they fit true to size and I can say with confidence that they are a lot more comfortable than some of the recent FUTURE release!

Find the FUTURE Z available at

Puma FUTURE Z Unboxing

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