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Up Close – Nike Phantom GT Elite “Black x Prism”

Nike Phantom GT Elite Black x Prism

Built for the game’s most creative playmakers, the Phantom GT Elite is one of the most data-driven boots Nike has ever created. Based on years of Nike lab research, the Generative Texture (where the ‘GT’ comes from) across the upper provides precise touch and control when shooting, passing and dribbling.

This particular Black/Cyber/Light Photo Blue colorway was released as part of the “Black x Prism” Pack. The addition of neon detailing on a stealth upper adds an incredibly dynamic look in the most simplistic form. They are clean and calculated, ready to stand out when needed most. With this pair in hand, lets take another up-close look at the Phantom GT silo with detailed information on tech and performance.

Find this colorway available at SOCCER.com.

Fit and Feel On Foot

Out of the box, I was a little bit nervous about how the Phantom GT would feel on foot. They look like they would be stiff and a little rigid. Thankfully, I can confirm that it is quite the opposite. I have to admit that the first time I wore them was for some soccer tennis action, so not exactly a game like situation. But it was enough playing time to establish how comfortable they are to break in. There is padding in the right areas, and the upper molds very comfortably right around your foot. When you can wear a boot and not think about the fact you are wearing that boot, you have something that fits right.

I’d rate them as a true to size option, so there is no need to switch away from what you normally wear in the VSN or VNM line-up. And there is actually a lot more space in the forefoot cavity than you would imagine. So, they definitely fit the mold of a medium/wide fitting option. Note that they don’t have a Quadfit inner layer like previous Phantom releases have had. More about this below.

Nike Phantom GT Elite Generative Texture Upper

Generative Texture Upper Phantom GT

Nike Phantom GT Generative Texture

Generative Texture Upper

According to Nike, Phantom GT is the most data-driven boot Nike has ever created. During the creation process, scientists in the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL) spent countless hours analyzing the various angles and intensities with which the ball comes onto and off of a boot when playing football.

They questioned how the ball connects with the boot, creating a pressure maps and a basic guide of important data points. The design of the Phantom GT (Generative Texture) used these digital data sets to create a boot built to help perfect feel on the ball and unleash a player’s creative skills. Designers learned how much texture is too much, so as not to make the boot excessively grippy. And by molding the texture right into the Nike Flyknit upper (as opposed to affixing texture atop it), the boot retains a soft, pliable, premium feel without risk of texture detachment.

Nike Phantom GT Soleplate

Traction and Soleplate

In addition to its revolutionary upper, Nike created a new Hyperquick soleplate and traction system. It is not surprising that they have looked at creating something new and unique, as more brand look at ways to improve underfoot performance in more dynamic ways. it has become the current market trend. In play, there is definitely a sense of reliability that allows for sharp cuts and underfoot control. You often have to build a trust in a new boot in order to get the most out of them on multiple playing surfaces.

The new system features a generative chassis with agility studs and is built to be more rigid in the heel for planting. Conical studs have been split and altered for quick cuts, complemented by wide rotated chevrons. Together, they are designed to “combine for the best traction pattern Nike has ever produced through medial and lateral movements.” Is that the case? I mean, I can’t dispel this or say that it definitely isn’t. What I can tell you is that I was able to create a trust relationship with them on FG and AG surfaces, allowing me to play without distraction or fear of turning my ankle. That to me is more important than it being a scientifically proven upgrade.

Again, find this “Black x Prism” colorway at SOCCER.com.

Nike Phantom GT Elite Black and Neon

Nike Phantom GT Elite Stealth Black FG

Nike Phantom GT Elite FG

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