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UNOZERO Cali Released, An Up Close Look!

Unozero Cali FG Soccer Cleats

UNOZERO is back with a new release, keeping tradition at the core, this time delivering a Calf leather version that makes them more readily available on the US market. It is primarily California residents that will gain from the UNOZERO Cali, since k-leather is banned in the state.

Quality wise, you are getting everything you expect from the UNOZERO brand; extreme attention to detail right throughout. They are handcrafted in Italy with attention paid to every detail in every pair. The boots come packaged in a glorious boot bag, that is then placed in a highly detailed boot box.

If you hadn’t figured it out yet Unozero stands for “1 0” or more specifically the number 10, which is exactly what their signature logo represents. You will find it front and center of the heavily fortified boot box, with its unique front flip opening. Once you open the box, your eye is immediately drawn to the graphic on the underside of the lid, before switching rapidly to the tin of leather food and boot bag. The leather food is USA made and is a fantastic addition to go along with your boots.

Unozero Cali Boot Unboxing

Unozero Cali Released

Unozero Cali Soccer Cleat Detailing

But in order to get to your boots, you have to navigate what could be one of the most impressive soccer specific boot bags on the market. Unozero has created a bag that would be worthy of going alongside any pro players game day ritual. You know when pro players get off a bus carrying a cool dopp style kit bag? Well, we can categorize this as being the “Messi dopp bag” of the dopp bag world…..if there is such a thing! It is super classy, holds it shape, allows you to store muddy boots thanks to a protective inner wrap, and it is perfectly sized to allow for your guards to be tucked inside also.

Then you get to the actual boots, and they are extremely impressive in an elegant, old school/new age way. Unozero has created a boot that merges traditional styling with modern performance elements. They are handcrafted by seasoned shoemakers in Italy, who have meticulously pieced the super supple leather upper on to a contemporary soleplate.

Unozero Cali Soleplate

Unozero Cali Soleplate Conical Studs

This is a premium style release, intended to appeal to boot aficionados that want something unique and different. We are talking players that want to create a deeper, emotional connection to what they do on and off the pitch. Price wise, they fall right in line, if not a little more affordable, than other elite boot releases.

Find them available for $199.99 at

UNOZERO Cali calf leather upper

UNOZERO Cali FG detailing

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  1. I got a pair that was too big and wanted to return them to get a size smaller. I wore them outside in my grass for 3 seconds. They were too big. Darn it. So I returned because they said I used them. Here they are. Unused. I wanted to get a smaller size but they rejected my request because I put on the protective cream (that came with them in the box). And they said they had dirt on them. Please tell me where there is one ounce of dirt. Im now stuck with a size 11 when I need a 10. Guy said buy the same size you were as a sneaker. Bad Idea!!!! see them here.

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