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What Can You Expect From the adidas X Speedflow.1?

adidas X Speedflow.1

With the goal of helping players reach a new state of speedfulness, the adidas X SpeedFlow features a new enhanced propulsion, directional and upper system.

As the boot designed to replace X Ghosted, there have been a lot of questions from fans wanting to know how they are different? Well, the basic answer is that adidas has looked at ways to enhance overall support using an updated upper design, while also adding an AG specific option underfoot for players to take advantage of. So, there are definite differences between both. But what about performance wise? What can players expect when wearing the X Speedflow on foot?

adidas X Speedflow.1 On Foot

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to wear both the laced (Speedflow.1) and placeless (Speedflow+) version of the boot. Personal preference will determine which pair that you want to wear, but from my experience the laced version has a lot more positives on offer. Having the opportunity to tighten up the laces makes them a more functional option in my opinion.

In terms of tech specs, you get a form fitting, lightweight PrimeKnit upper that provides an adaptive fit, designed for intuitive players that need to react quickly. There is also a new engineered Agility Frame outsole that connects player to boot. It features a lattice structure that wraps around the foot, providing lockdown and stability in every direction while staying as light as possible.

adidas X Speedflow.1 Primeknit

adidas X Speedflow.1 Heel Design

As we continue to test them, one thing has become apparent; there isn’t a whole lot of difference between X Speedflow and X Ghosted. Both generations feel very similar on foot and you really won’t notice any significant changes. adidas has obviously taken feedback from pro players and made some thoughtful modifications, for example the upper is slightly softer on the Speedflow and the ankle lining does have a slightly different level of stretch. But in play you won’t really feel any differences, you could basically wear a Speedflow on one foot and a Ghosted on the other, and you would probably think they are a complimentary pair.

Ultimately, if you are on a budget and wondering which pair to go for, my advice would be to snap up a pair of X Ghosted now. And then you can just wait for X Speedflow to go on sale, knowing you are getting a slight upgrade with very similar performance. Take advantage of the savings on both pairs and enjoy the consistent level of speedfulness on offer!

If you do want to X Speedflow.1, find them at

adidas X Speedflow.1 Unboxing

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