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Lotto Maestro 100 IV Feature Review

Lotto Maestro 100 IV FG

Over the past few months, the Lotto Maestro 100 IV has become one of my go to pair of boots, which makes me wonder how I haven’t posted anything about them yet. There are very limited pairs available in the US, which has slipped them down the pecking order of importance to get information out on them. But, the good news is that the pairs left over are now on sale!

If I was to summarize them, they are a very impressive boot that has been crafted for those that like to be creative on the pitch. Performance wise, they tout several unique technologies designed to enhance control, response, and comfort. The Control-Fit 3D knit upper found in the prior generation remains and provides an anatomical fit along with support where you need it with a light cage overlay. When you put them on for the first time, the fit shape feels a little off, kind of pulling your foot to one side. Key here it to open up the laces, let the fit hug your foot, then re-tighten them. Even though the tongue region features a knit material, loosening the laces gives the material a chance to breathe and manipulate itself around your foot. After that, they are ready for game action!

Lotto Maestro 100 IV soccer cleats

Lotto Maestro 100 IV Unboxing

My experience on pitch was very positive from the very beginning. I was initially a little confused by the heel design. The cut is lower and there feels like mini windows cut out of the lower portion, right around where your heel bone sits. I’ve actually recommended these as an option for players with heel spurs, as they give you a little extra relief from direct pressure without having to cut the heels manually. We have seen several pro players do this in the past, so I’m wondering if Lotto was trying to create a new type of solution to a very common problem. According to Lotto, this technology is actually called ADAPTO, and in their words it is “a knit element providing comfortable support while relieving irritating pressures on the tendons around the heel.” When you wear them, they actually feel pretty spectacular on foot and I quickly started to really enjoy everything about the heel area. What makes them different is the fact it is primarily a knit material around the ankle opening, so you have some natural movement and no firm area of material pressing against your skin.

Underfoot, you get two new updates; an improved version of PuntoFlex that provides fantastic responsive flexibility, and a new BFC (Biomechanical Foot Control) pebax insert found in the soleplate to provide stability and complement a natural running motion through its variable stiffness. I was able to break these boots right into a game, so from personal experience the soleplate provides exactly what you need – a distraction free level of performance! Key to that is also the conical style stud configurtion and their placement underfoot. It makes them ideal for use on FG and AG fields, you can switch them up between grass and turf surfaces with confidence.

In terms of fit, I found them to be very much true to size lenght wise. They offer a medium-wide fit through the forefoot thanks to the extra stretch you get from the upper material. I didn’t encounter any discomfort through wear, no pressure points or areas of discomfort.

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