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What Are The Best Boots On The Market Right Now?

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Upper

It has been a while since we have taken stock of the current market options and come up with a top recommended list. Brands have been busy delivering new silos and colorways this year, with a lot of quick fire releases making it tough to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Here, we take a look at what is currently leading the way as most recommended, with performance and value in mind. Bonus is the fact we have had the opportunity to test all pairs, so our opinion on this one comes from personal experience wearing each.

NB Furon v6 Up Close

New Balance Furon v6+

This is a boot that I absolutely love to wear, they are an absolute treat on foot. There might be some concern from players that haven’t worn New Balance boots before, but the brand has taken tremendous strides and are now a top player on the market.

The Furon v6+ is one of the most responsive boots we have seen released in the past few years. New Balance use a knit to provide a more responsive fit and feel, while the soleplate has a natural flex right out of the boot. You feel light on your feet while wearing them, with the knit upper creating an enveloped feel right around your foot. Because the material offers so much stretch, they are far more accommodating to a wider variety of players.
Latest colorways available HERE.

Nike Vapor 14 Elite FG

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite

Without a doubt, these are the most popular options amongst players out there and with good reason. Evolving from the 2019 Mercurial 360, the Vapor 14 Elite features a Vaporposite upper that combines a grippy grid mesh with a premium “Avail Q” lining for ball control at high speeds.

On foot, they play far more pliable than you would imagine, offering a natural touch on the ball. I think it has a lot to do with the structure, which looks like a criss-cross thread design, almost as if someone took a 3D pen to create some support to the upper.

Latest colorways available HERE.

Nike Tiempo Legend Pro 9

Nike Tiempo Legend Pro

If you are looking for a mid tier option that offers quality performance on foot, we are sticking with Nike and the Tiempo Legend Pro. These feature a premium calfskin upper and a really natural inner fit. They also have a series of raised foam pods in key contact areas, something that is very unique to this version of Tiempo Legend.

At their price point, they are one of the most competitive options currently available.

Latest colorways available HERE.

adidas X Speedflow.1

adidas X Speedflow.1

Of all the adidas options on the market right now, it is the laced version of X Speedflow.1 that provides the most proficient level of performance. It is a silo that Adidas has continued to evolve, with this version of next level speed boot featuring a semi-translucent, premium engineered lightweight PRIMEKNIT upper.

In terms of tech specs, you get a form fitting, lightweight PrimeKnit upper that provides an adaptive fit, designed for intuitive players that need to react quickly. There is also a new engineered Agility Frame outsole that connects player to boot. It features a lattice structure that wraps around the foot, providing lockdown and stability in every direction while staying as light as possible.

Latest colorways available HERE.

Puma FUTURE Z On Foot


Realistically, any top-tier boot in the Puma FUTURE range is going to give you top level performance that you can appreciate. It is another silo that provides a quality responsive fit from first wear thanks to it’s adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band. The materials right throughout offer natural movement and adapt to your foot shape very quickly. And one thing that is extremely noticeable, these boots have the look and unmistakable feel of a boot with Neymar’s influence right throughout.

I’ve been using the first generation FUTURE Z as one of my go to boot options over the past few months.

Latest colorways available HERE.

X19.1 Shock Pink

adidas X 19.1

Not an option that is readily available anymore (we have moved on to newer versions) but the fact that there is a colorway or two still available makes them a viable option. When originally available, I absolutely loved wearing them. They were one of my favorite boots to test thanks to how responsive they were on foot. This is in part thanks to a SpeedMesh upper and a seamless Claw Collar that offers a non-restrictive fit around the ankle, allowing you to move freely.

You can find one of the last remaining colorways HERE.

adidas Copa Sense.2

adidas COPA SENSE.2 (honorable mention)

Oh, how I wish I could give these a 100% glowing recommendation. The time I spent with them was absolute quality and they have the making of a top, top value for money option. Sadly, the top lacing eyelet ripped while I was wearing them, decreasing your level of durability.The top neon yellow string that keeps the lacing in place basically snapped. I was able to punch a whole where they could continue to be functional, but I don’t anticipate many of you wanting to spend money on a boot you have to modify.

But, in terms of playability, what a great boot they could be. Worth at least considering if you find a pair on sale at a great price.

Find pairs and prices available HERE.

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