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Initial Reaction to the Tru Tenaci FG

Tru Tenaci FG

From the makers of TRUSOX, comes the TRU TENACI FG, a boot that combines a patented insole with the technology found in TRUsox. The goal is to provide players with total lockdown during play by applying the nano-fiber materials found in the socks directly to the Insole.

It is a very unique concept and there is nothing else like it on the market right now. They have been available for a while, and there really hasn’t been a lot of content created around them. That immediately has us wondering why. This pair just arrived in to us this week, and I’m impressed with the overall presentation. In the box, you get the boots – size 9US for me – along with a pair of TRUSOX, a shoehorn that you will definitely need to use to get into them, and a black bootbag. For anyone buying a pair, you are investing in a complete package! And given their price point, that could be one of the reasons we haven’t seen much about them.

As I said, this pair just arrived in, so I haven’t worn them in game just yet. Putting them on foot with the socks at home, they fit really well and you definitely notice the lockdown. My goal is to wear them a few times this week, then I’ll report back with more on performance next week!

For those interested in check out the package, find them at

TRU Tenaci and TRUsox in Red

Tru Tenaci Internal Grip

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  1. I was about to buy a pair of Puma Ultra 1.4, but then I saw these Tru Tenaci boots and decided to do some research. Turns out, there is almost no research done on these boots. Could you please put out a review for us to see what these boots are all about, and how they compare to other boots on the market.

  2. Still expecting the review, please!

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