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adidas Goletto VIII FG Boot Review

adidas Goletto VIII FG

It isn’t often hat we get to review a boot that costs less than $50! In fact, there just are not many options available in that price range anymore. And that is what makes the new adidas Goletto VIII so special.

Designed in the most simple fashion, the Goletto offers a very basic package to players who just need a functional pair of boots. They are the most entry level option on the market, with no fancy bells or whistles that make them stand out in what is an expansive, bright and shiny market. And as you might expect, it isn’t the type of boot that you can sit around and find a million little areas that can be described in intimate detail.

But, through testing them over the past few weeks, we have found that they provide a type of performance you don’t anticipate finding in a boot at their price point. If you’ve been considering a pair, hopefully this review will give you the breakdown you need in determining if they are the right or wrong option for you!

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Initial Reaction

There really isn’t a whole lot to these boots. Open the box and inside you will find your new pair of boots. A pretty basic colorway, a nice soft upper and an uncomplicated soleplate. My expectations are not high, I’m just interested to see if they have anything positive to offer for their incredibly affordable price point.

adidas Goletto VIII Review

Goletto Upper Up Close

Breaking In and Comfort

You can definitely wear the Goletto right out of the box. The synthetic upper is supple and forms nicely around your foot. And the soleplate has good flex, so they are comfortable under foot. I took them right into a game and they worked out great. Inside the boots, around the midfoot and through the heel, Adidas use a padding that is slightly thicker than you will find on modern boots. An area where they trim material and weight down on new boots, the Goletto has what I’d call a more puffy layer of foam. It adds comfort, which is a bonus, with no synthetic materials used that might cause blisters. My only note is that the heel cut seems a little lower than I expected, which actually didn’t prove to be problematic but is worth noting if you like a higher ankle cut to provide support around the Achilles

But overall, they were an easy boot that you can confidently work with right from first wear.


This is the one area where they really lack a killer punch, providing a very balanced and somewhat boring level of performance. You don’t get a lightweight feel, or any elements that help with striking the ball. It is nice that Adidas has created a tiered design across the forefoot using strategically positioned stitching. It offers a little padding, maybe you get a little extra dampening on the ball. But it isn’t enough to call it a performance upgrade, instead it is used to offer more of a visual effect.

Underfoot, Adidas use low profile triangular shaped studs, with 7 under the forefoot and 4 under the heel. In reality, the design is pretty basic but provides adequate balance through wear. You get a secure level of grip on both FG and AG surfaces – I wore them on turf and they did great. So, there is the advantage of them being a very versatile option on different playing surfaces.

Again, when it comes to performance, everything is designed to fulfill the basic needs of play, which isn’t a bad thing. For under $50, you expect a very simple design and there isn’t a whole lot that excites. At the same time, there isn’t a whole lot that disappoints and I think that is what makes them a good entry level option.

adidas Goletto FG Performance

adidas Goletto Soleplate

How do they Fit?

Falling right in line with their standard level of comfort, the Goletto offer a very true to size fit. Length wise, they are right on par with traditional Adidas boot releases. When you take them out of the box, they look long and narrow. But the synthetic upper opens up to provide a solid medium to wide fitting forefoot.

Overall – What Are They Like?

Competent – that is the perfect word to describe the Adidas Goletto. They aren’t the type of boot that will blow you mind or having you chomping at the teeth to wear. Everything about them is simple, yet effective in offering a comfortable level of performance on the pitch. They make for a perfect entry level or backup pair of boots, there to get your feet wet but without all the fine tech specs you’d find on a pair of elite level boots.

Retail Details

The official price point of the Goletto is $45, making them an incredibly affordable offers for all players. We have traditionally known the Goletto to be an option for youth players, which they still are. Adidas has simply increased the variety of sizing and made them more available.

I don’t anticipate we will see many new colorways, but you can find the latest line-up of available options at

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A very competent entry level option that drop in at an affordable price point. The design is simple but very effective to wear.
Category: An entry level Comfort option.
Weight: 8oz.
Would I Buy Them: As a backup boot for under $50, they are great. I see them as a simple addition to your boot bag that could be used in an emergency. Or as a perfect entry level choice.
Player Position: Because they are so versatile, I don’t think you can attach them to one type of player. But, what I can say is that they are a perfect option for players that are starting out in the game, anyone that wants to play but just can’t justify paying over the odds for new boots.

Review Scores out of 10

Visual Effect
Comfort Category


User Rating: 2.98 ( 18 votes)

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