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adidas Predator EDGE.1 FG Boot Review

adidas Predator EDGE.1

Anytime a new Predator silo hits the market, a huge amount of attention quickly hones in on what sort of new age tech adidas has unleashed on the market.

This time around, the Predator EDGE has raised eyebrows and left fans a little bit confused as to what they are actually looking at. It is a release that connects to original “pack a punch” Predator releases more than the more modern hybrid power/control editions we have seen. Maybe it is a nod from adidas to where the silo originated or maybe they over emphasized a desire to claim the power category back, but either way there is a lot to unpack with the Predator EDGE.1, as you will find out below!

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Initial Reaction

I think the entire market reaction to the Predator EDGE has been very similar, with a lot of confusion and mystified stares. What is that upper all about and why does is the toe box raised like a cow’s trough? The concept and placement of the Predator zone, or rubber elements, matches with overall expectations. There is a definite Predator LZ vibe that comes with the intro colorway release –  you can see the connection that adidas tried to create. And, there are a lot of questions to be answered about the upper shape and how it feels!

adidas Predator EDGE.1 Upper Design

Predator Silo – Changing Dynamics

Over the past few years, we have seen different directions taken with the Predator as adidas adjusted to market changes. First, they decided to retire the iconic silo around 2015, before making a dramatic u-turn and reintroducing it to the market in 2018. That 2018 version didn’t seem to hold the true DNA of a Predator style release, instead featuring a tiered dampening style structure across the forefoot. It was the Predator MUTATOR and FREAK, along with their DEMONSKIN upper, that really started to raise excitement levels again.

With the Predator EDGE, adidas decided to take things in another new direction, mimicking a previous versions upper tech (Predator LZ) while introducing a next generation fit. If you are looking for a summary of this review here it is: I just don’t think adidas got this one right, and considering their own high expectations I’m really confused at how this end product made it to market!

Breaking In and Comfort

If there was a ever a boot that needed ample time to break in, the Predator EDGE is it. In fact, I’m not sure they ever really, truly broke in even after a dozen wears. This could be one of the only boots I’ve ever tested where they needed even more time to become more natural feeling on foot.

It all starts with the internal shape and structure of the boots – it is all wrong. They actually remind me of the original Lotto Zhero Gravity released in 2006. Put them on, and they are not very comfortable, with the internal shape holding firm through wear. I’m actually convinced that Adidas took a pro player and decided to mimic the internal shape to the specifics of his foot. Almost like a singular personalized fit. And, unfortunately, that same shape hasn’t morphed or adjusted much over the dozen times I’ve worn them.

With that being said, they did become more “wearable” and I’m at the stage where I could wear them as a singular boot option on a regular basis. In my case, I’m testing other boots and it is a very unforgiving experience wearing them and trying to switch into a different silo.

adidas Predator Edge Zone Skin

adidas Predator Edge Strike Zone

adidas Predator EDGE Upper Power


Adidas has gone with strategically positioned rubberized ribs across the forefoot, engineered into four “control zones” across the instep and toe box. The obvious purpose is to optimize ball manipulation, giving players a powerful edge and a little extra pop when striking the ball. if we are exclusively talking about these zones, they do add a noticeable amount of grip on the ball and ensure you get some added ping off the surface as you strike shots. They not only look like the Predator LZ, but the overall performance in terms of feel on the ball is very comparable. The only real difference lies in how pliable the upper material feels on the Pred LZ compared to the stiffer Pred Edge.

PRIMEKNIT mid-cut collar

There is a very unique cut to the mid-cut collar. It is a premium two-piece PRIMEKNIT material designed for breathable comfort, easy step in, and secure lock down. And I’d agree that it serves its purpose very well. They are a relatively easy boot to slip your foot into, one of the best when it comes to options with a higher collar. And it really hugs the ankle well, providing a soft and secure fit thanks to its stretch fit. It leads into an off center set lacing system, something else that plays off real well. Some prefer a laceless fit, I generally prefer to have laces so that I can dictate how tight the boots feel on foot. If it something you are interested, they could definitely be worn with the laces taken out.

Predator EDGE.1 Mid Cut Collar

adidas Predator EDGE.1 FACET FRAME

Traction and Soleplate

Underfoot, Adidas has changed things up by including a new FACET FRAME. It is intended to provide stability and dynamic traction. The all-new soleplate construction features a weighted forefoot piece that redistributes weight toward the front of the boot, optimizing power transfer when striking the ball. This is one of the additions that increases the overall weight of the boot – the Predator EDGE weighs in over 9oz making it one of the heaviest boots on the market at the moment.

I had the opportunity to wear them on FG and SG surfaces and they worked out great. The configuration is not overly aggressive, so they can be worn confidently on different surfaces. In terms of the added weight toward the front of the boot, there is a noticeable difference! I actually called this out to several friends when they asked about how they felt on foot, comparing them to wearing a boat on foot. I’m not kidding; they create a different type of feel and sensation on foot, almost making you feel a little sluggish as you move. It probably does result in extra power when striking shots, but what is the point if my movements on pitch feel much less dynamic?

adidas Predator EDGE On Foot

How do they Fit?

I’ve talked about the shape above, so I won’t discuss that more here. In terms of actual length, they are true to size. And width, they offer a decently wide forefoot cavity. I’d actually compare them as being one of the better wide fitting options currently on the market. Just note that the internal structure won’t adjust or stretch over time. So, what you get from first wear is what you can expect over the life of the boot.

Critics Notes

Some might say, you need to wear them longer in order for them to become more comfortable. Well, I disagree. A pair of boots that cost $250 should not take over 12 wears to break in. In fact, they shouldn’t take a half dozen wears – who has that amount of time to wait for a new pair of boots to provide an adequate level of performance? With that being said, the claim that these are one of the worst boots ever released is wrong. They are bad, but much of that opinion comes from the fact we have high expectations of adidas and what they produce. We want the Predator to break-in during the first wear and provide us with a natural level of comfort

I just seriously hope that Adidas take feedback from this release and go back to the drawing board with the design. There is a definite market for the Predator silo, so lets hope Adidas can move on from these quickly and introduce an improved next generation version soon!

Retails Details

Adidas hasn’t held back with new colorways in the series, unleashing several high profile designs already. One version that easily stands out is the electrifying Geometric colorway. The Predator EDGE.1 version drops in at $250.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A next generation Predator release that mimics original versions of the silo rather than modern versions.
Category: Power
Weight: 9.3oz
Would I Buy Them: No, this is a version of Predator that I’d definitely skip!
Player Position: Anyone that actually enjoys wearing them is welcome to wear them.

Review Scores out of 10

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User Rating: 3.44 ( 6 votes)

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  1. The Adidas Edge+ have a serious adhesion issue with the sole plate and top material. My 14 year old son has gone thru 4 pairs of these since April 2022 and the last pair completely separated within 30 days. We thought we may have had a bad batch in the early production but every pair had both shoes experience separation issues. We play on both grass and turf so there should be no reason a $300 set should ever do this, as he almost broke his ankle when the last separated. AVOID THESE CLEATS.

    • You are so right I bought the predator mutator and two weeks afterwards the shoes started separating , I was so mad after paying $275 for them 😡

      • I bought my Grandson a pair Adidas Edge just 6 weeks ago. Same problem, sole plate separated from the upper. Took them back to the shop and was refused a refund. Very disappointed.

        Ian A.

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