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How adidas Can Resurrect The Predator Silo

Zidane Predator Mania SG Remake

It is no secret that the latest edition of adidas Predator has been quickly cast to the side by many boot fans, most left heavily disappointed by what it has to offer. It follows a trend of recent Predator releases, with Adidas failing to recapture the magic that made them the most popular power boots of all time.

It has us wondering; is it time to retire the Predator silo AGAIN? I can’t be the only thinking the silo has run its course and adidas are doing more harm than good by trying to create crazy new versions, versions that are basically bricks on your feet. Or, is there something that the 3-stripe family can do to reinvigorate the range?

Well, in my opinion there is one way that they can make it happen – get huge numbers of fans wearing the fabled silo again, while giving players something that they actually want to wear. Here is my plan 8 step plan.

  • Step 1 – Go back to basics, and stop making new versions of Predator. There is no need to recreate the wheel when you have a number of born winners, releases that fans really want and appreciated.
  • Step 2 – Decide which versions need to be re-released. This should be pretty easy considering sales numbers on previous remakes.
  • Step 3 – Create an internal calender, it could be something as simple as 4-5 releases per year. But this information doesn’t need to be released to fans. Keep an element of surprise so that fans can get excited for each release. Follow a similar path to the limited collection just on a larger scale.
  • Step 4 – Decide on colorways – keep it classy and more traditional to start. Then inject some of the more popular colorways over time to change up the offerings.
  • Step 5 – Set the price for each release at $225 and don’t make it limited edition. People deserve the opportunity to be able to buy pairs to wear, so make each version a standard issue release that is available in stores and online. This will also stop resellers from stealing all pairs and jacking up the price.
  • Step 6 – Follow a release schedule, with releases hitting at important times of the year, with a purpose. It could look something like the following:
    • January 1st – Predator Precision
    • March 1st – Predator Absolute
    • June 1st – Predator adiPower
    • September 1st – Predator Accelerator
    • November 1st – Predator Mania SG (for wet pitches)
  • Step 7 – Modify the release calender for the following year, with new colorways in each model, or just go with different classic models.
  • Step 8 – After a second year take a look at market research and see how fans like the new approach!

How awesome would it be to show up at a game and see 5 or 6 teammates all wearing different versions of Predator releases? The nostalgia would be off the charts, and there is sure to be a huge market of old school and modern players that want to take advantage of the technology. Especially true if Adidas can make some minor tweaks and modifications to lower the weight and make them more 2022 game ready.

What do you guys think? Would something like this work? Would you be interested in more remakes of older Predator models?

adidas Predator Pulse Legends Pack

adidas Predator Blue Accelerator

adidas Predator Precision White Beckham


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