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adidas X SPEEDPORTAL Released - Rick and Morty Help! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

adidas X SPEEDPORTAL Released – Rick and Morty Help!

adidas X Speedportal Released

Adidas has released their next generation of speed in the X SPEEDPORTAL, using Rick and Morty to create a never before seen global advertising campaign.

Performance wise there is a lot to talk about with the X SPEEDPORTAL and that is the first thing we want to talk about. One of the most important updates is the inclusion of a Carbon Fiber Speedframe. adidas has changed to an ultra lightweight construction with revolutionary carbon fiber insert in the forefoot. This is intended to allow for more efficient power transmission when accelerating and sprinting, providing a truer level of performance. You also get a new stud configuration that is optimized for pure acceleration. The outsole and stud configuration are designed for use on firm ground.

Find the Rick and Morty-appropriate “Portal Fluid Green” colorway at

One of the other things adidas has focused on is creating a high speed stability system that provides maximum support to reach the fastest speeds. This is enhanced by the use of a carbon heel lock and moulded stability fins that work together to minimize movement and maximize comfort around the heel area. The midfoot support cage is also designed to maximize lockdown, reducing energy loss during fast cuts or changes in direction. And a highly resilient laced Primeknit collar provides a firm, supportive but comfortable fit.

In the short film, Rick is shown combining the abilities of Mo Salah and Vivianne Miedema into the X SPEEDPORTAL, therefore equipping Morty to become one of the world’s best soccer players. It is a unique level of advertising unlike anything we have seen in the soccer world before, mixing popular culture with a brand new silo release.

Is it effective? I absolutely think so. The commercial is fast paced, makes some sharp cultural references, gives us an unlikely hero who doesn’t get to celebrate his success. And we learn a little about the boots too! It is good stuff.

And I’m pretty sure Rick’s depiction of the new adidas silo is about as accurate as it gets: “This shoe has an extensive list of marketing terms, Morty.”

The X SPEEDPORTAL is available now via

adidas X SPEEDPORTAL in Space

adidas X Speedportal Soccer Cleats

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