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10 Biggest Boot Releases You Might Have Missed!

PUMA Release FUTURE 1.4 NJR Rare Edition

With the World Cup only a few weeks away, we are seeing brands duke it out by releasing some extraordinary new boots, with the goal of capturing as much attention as they can. This is the time when all eyes are focused on club teams and games, anticipating what is to come in Qatar this November.

With that in mind, we wanted to do a little recap of what has been released over the past few weeks. We take a look at 10 of the biggest boot releases, some you might have seen but there are also several that might not have been given as much exposure. Some are from the top brand, while there are also some up-and-coming brands taking their own shots!

Let us know in the comments below if you have a favorite!

adidas Al Rihla Pack 2022 World Cup

#10 – adidas “Al Rihla” 2022 World Cup Pack

We have to kick off the list with the boots that will be worn by adidas sponsored players at the World Cup. The extra colorful collection features fresh new colorways on Predator Edge, X Speedportal and COPA Sense.

Al Rihla, which translates as “the journey” in Arabic, takes its inspiration from the culture and architecture of host country Qatar. Just like the official match ball, the colors of the Qatar flag as highlighted across all products, each offering their own unique detailing.

We are going to see a lot more of these boots over the next few weeks! Check the entire line-up that was released over at

Charly Neovolution PFX soccer cleats

#9 – Charly Neovolution PFX

If you are looking for something a little different, these next-generation Charly Neovolution PFX soccer cleats feature a radical, redesigned upper and outsole for more comfort and control of the game.

The lightweight single layer upper features breathable Motion Knit technology that adapts to the shape of the foot for an optimal fit. A 3D raised pattern amplifies your touch on the ball, while asymmetrical lacing offers more strike area for accurate passing and shooting. And being that they are from Charly, the colorway is brash and colorful.

Don’t call it a revolution, because it is a Neovolution. (Sorry, had to do it!)

UnoZero TF Soccer Shoes

#8 – UnoZero DOMINIO TF

Where are my adidas Mundial Team wearers at, those that crave a pure and traditional shoe that provides total comfort on TF? Well, how about changing things up and checking out what our friends over at UnoZero have on offer!

Translating to Dominance, DOMINIO boots are handcrafted in Italy by the best shoemakers in the game. They feature a leather forefoot that molds to the foot for a superior and natural fit, as well as, an EVA and rubber outsole, providing a perfect balance of traction, stability and comfort on turf surfaces. Find pairs available at

New Balance x Raheem Sterling FURON v7 Route To Success

#7 – New Balance x Raheem Sterling FURON v7

Inspired by the sacrifices Raheem Sterling made on his journey to the top, New Balance has released a new signature edition FURON v7 “Route to Success.” We are getting serious 80s vibes from this design, who remembers the tv show Save By the Bell? Behind the vibrant design lies a story of hard work and commitment.

The pattern used takes inspiration from the nostalgic fabric pattern found on English buses during Raheem’s younger days. Back then Raheem had to journey across three buses daily to get from his home nestled in the shadow of Wembley to his club’s training grounds near Heathrow Airport, leaving mid-afternoon and returning home late at night. The design recollects those bus rides and Raheem’s desire and commitment to make it as a footballer.

Black Panther GAMEMODE Wakanda Forever

#6 – adidas GAMEMODE Black Panther

adidas has released a new version of GAMEMODE FG that is inspired by Marvel’s Black Panther. The stealth black collaboration features a Wakanda Forever graphic print across the upper, creating an unmistakable look at a very competitive price range.

Dropping in at $100, these are an exclusive release at, with early access available right now. In other words, you won’t find them anywhere else and you won’t be able to use any discount codes to grab a limited edition pair.

Puma FUTURE Rare Neymar

#5 – Puma FUTURE 1.4 NJR “Rare Edition”

Puma are back with a new signature release for Neymar, this version bringing back memories of World Cups of the past. Why? That tricks colorway of course. We can expect to see NJR wearing these in games right up to the World Cup.

The FUTURE 1.4 NJR “Rare” makes a bold statement with a colorway inspired by rare metals and all the space-age PUMA tech to back it up. Individual colors added to the PUMA Silver upper is what makes them a Tricks release; Sunset Glow on the right and Elektro Purple on the left.

Puma ULTRA Ultimate Prototype

#4 – Puma ULTRA Ultimate Teaser Prototype

It is unusual to see Puma release a prototype colorway after the actual boot is released to market, but that is what they have done with the latest ULTRA Ultimate design. Introducing the razzle-dazzle style Puma ULTRA Ultimate Teaser Prototype.

This is a version of the boot wrapped in a camo style pattern intended to hide or tease the specific details of a new silo. It was back in August when the Ultra Ultimate originally hit the market, maybe released sooner than expected given that these prototypes were clearly not ready for their introduction. So, we already know what is underneath. Still, it is fun to see this wrap on what is a very tech advanced silo.

Karim Benzema Ballon d'Or X Speedportal Boots

#3 – adidas X Speedportal.1 Benzema Ballon d’Or

After winning the Ballon d’Or, we waiting for Adidas to introduce some sort of signature release to celebrate Karim Benzema’s accomplishment. Then, we got a first look at the 1 of 1 boots, a clean white and gold spiral design on a pair of X Speedportal.1, the elite version with laces. So, these won’t be released to market.

We haven’t yet got to see Benzema wear them in game, but we expect he will in the next week or two. As has been the case with other players who have received similar style, commemorative boots, we might only see them in one game before they are retired.

adidas Predator Edge 94+

#2 – adidas Predator Edge 94+

adidas has taking nostalgia to the next level by dressing the Predator EDGE+ in an OG Predator 1994 colorway. We are talking the original, with this unique version celebrating the arrival of the games most impactful power silo.

The upper incorporates Predator 94 details including a k-leather upper, raised power elements and distinctive 3-Stripe hit on the heel. Underneath, you will find a thoroughly modern Predator Edge split outsole complete with hard-hitting Power Facet keeps you dominating on firm ground.

When we talk about the 1994 Predator, we are not just talking about another standard release. They set in stone the beginning of the most fabled power boot silo in the game, with some of the greatest moments over the past 28 years coming from players wearing them. Beckham and Zidane are some of the fabled players that come to mind. You can find pairs available right now at

Tiempo Legend 9 Made In Italy

#1 – Nike Tiempo Legend IX “Made In Italy”

When we talk about timeless classics, the Nike Tiempo silo is hands down one of the first that comes to mind. Celebrating their heritage, Nike has handed creative power over to the distinguished craftsmanship found in the Montebelluna area of Italy, renowned for producing top-quality shoes.

The result is the Tiempo Legend IX “Made In Italy” and they are every bit as glorious as you’d expect them to be. First thing to note is that the leather upper is not treated, which gives them their unmistakable off-white upper colorway. From the side, a subtle nod to the area they are created can be found in the green, white, and red of Italy displayed in the rear quarter. On the heel, an insignia of the Montebelluna region gives further notice of the boot’s origins and the quality from which that entails.

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