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What PUMA Junior Soccer Cleat Has Become A Kid Favorite?

Puma FUTURE 2.3 Junior Soccer Cleats

For those that don’t know, my kids have jumped into the testing game and review different pairs of soccer cleats, offering up their take on kids options. There are lags in between getting new pairs in, that is when we see them settle into the pairs that they have and we tend to find out what their real favorites are.

Over the past few weeks, one particular pair has become the hottest junior cleat option in our house – the Puma FUTURE 2.3 Junior FG/AG.

What made them a favorite for the girls was the fit. Out of all the boots they have tested recently, the FUTURE 2.3 were the easiest pair to get on and off. The material around the ankle stretches, which allows the foot to slip in nice and easy without feeling too loose over time. And that alone is a huge deal when it comes to footwear options for younger players. “I always feel really secure while wearing them. I also like how they felt to dribble the ball. These is some texture across the front of the boot and it grips the ball. These were definitely my favorite pair to wear, and will be the pair I continue wearing for this season.”

Puma FUTURE 2.3 Junior ankle collar

Puma FUTURE 2.3 Upper Texture

Puma FUTURE 2.3 Jnr Upper

I was impressed with the amount of texture across the ball contact area on the forefoot. It is raised in a similar fashion to what is found on the adult version of the boots, and from my own personal experience with them you do get some extra control on the ball. The texture creates a connect just off the surface, providing a crisp touch with a little added security as you dribble at speed.

At one point, the girls asked if they could wear them without the laces. And, as it turns out, you actually can. They switched in and out of them to both get a feel for the laceless performance. But, ultimately they didn’t provide that secure feel you get with the laces. I then had to put the laces back in – which was the toughest part!

Puma FUTURE 2.3 Soleplate and Traction

And finally, when it comes to durability they have held up incredibly well. As I mentioned, both girls have been wearing them, at times we have had to compromise on who gets to wear them in their game. So, they have already got a lot of successful wear and there have been no durability issues to report. I know this is a factor that is very important to a lot of parents.

These have been on the market for a while, so there are not many pairs left. But those that are available can be found at

Puma FUTURE 2.3 Junior On Foot

Puma FUTURE 2.3 Junior Review

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