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Best Soccer Gifts This Christmas – Complete Gift Guide 2022

Christmas Soccer Gift Guide

It is that time of the year when we are all out there looking for the best gifts for the soccer players in our lives. Whether it is your aspiring superstar, a spouse who spends evenings with friends on the pitch, or a coach who devotes his time to creating the next generation of players, here is our guide to the best gifts you can find this holiday season!

Best Soccer Gifts This Christmas – Complete Gift Guide for 2022!

No. 1 – New Soccer Cleats

If you can get the size right, there is no better gift for a soccer player than a new pair of soccer cleats! Young or old, we all love getting a new pair. Especially when you factor in how quickly we go through pairs. That moment when you open a new box and see a fresh pair for the first time……nothing beats it! And what better way to raise anticipation to get back out on the pitch in January!

Some top recommended options on the market right now include:

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly

Nike Zoom Air Mercurial Superfly

Price: $274.99

My favorite boot on the market right now, and not just because of the awesome colorways. Built for the modern soccer player, the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial features several key elements that make them extremely unique and different to the market. This includes a tech advanced articulated, three-quarter length Zoom airbag that sits directly inside of the plate of the boot. And they have also upgraded the upper material, using a next generation Vaporposite+, which combines a grippy, grid mesh with a premium material for optimal ball control at high speeds. Let the hype train begin right here!

adidas X Speedportal+ Released

adidas X Speedportal+

Price: $279.99

Without a doubt, the best laceless boot ever released to market! Adidas has done an incredible job piecing together the Speedportal, there are several important updates on this silo that you can only get a proper feel for by seeing them in hand. For example, the added texture right across the forefoot and down through the instep. It adds a completely unexpected element.

New Balance Tekela v4

New Balance Tekela v4

Price: $224.99

Ok, so you really need to get past the look of this next generation Tekela before judging them. They have a very snug looking collar design that will immediately raise eyebrows. But, on foot they are an excellent wear, designed to deliver zonal support and dynamic feedback to elite-level players.

Charly Hyperstrike Review

Charly Hyperstrike

Price: $179.99 but on sale for $89.99

If you are on a budget, check out the current sales on the Charly Hyperstrike. The Hyperstrike is designed around Motion Knit technology for an ergonomic fit and freedom of movement. Matched with colorful upper designs and a competitive price point, they are likely to become a possible option for a lot of players. I wouldn’t rate them as a top market performer, but for the price they offer excellent value!

No. 2 – Favorite Team Jersey

Soccer Jerseys 2021

Price: $89.99 to $165.99

With the World Cup going on through November and December, there are plenty of options to pick up some of the best kits that will be on show in Qatar. Or, go with a favorite club kit – what better way to welcome back domestic soccer in January than by showing support for your favorite team!

But, I can offer one important note if you are considering picking one up; there are two versions of most jerseys available and each have their own fit. The authentic jersey will fit very tight and is not the ideal option for those with a Dad bod or for wider fitting player. Authentic jerseys are designed for pro players, who are in shape, and look good with a skin tight, moisture wicking jersey on body. Basically, don’t be fooled into thinking the higher priced Authentic version is a must buy. It is the replica version that most will want to pick up, with the added bonus of a more affordable price!

Another option, check out our friends at Saturday’s Football who have a huge selection of retro kits and apparel. You might be able to find that one off, old school jersey that brings back special memories!

No. 3 – Performance Tracking

One of the most popular soccer options on the market right now is performance tracking devices. These allow you to track your in-game (or practice) stats and movement, allowing you to see where you are doing things right and what you need to do in order to improve as a player.

Playmaker Performance Tracking

Playmaker Kit

Price: $199.99

Description: The Playmaker kit slips over your soccer cleat and turns them into an analytics machine! You can track your game, improve your speed of play and understand your playing style. The smart sensor system detects every movement of both feet. Technical and physical stats are tracked and then sent directly to the easy-to-use Playermaker app.

So, what exactly does it track?

– Number of touches.
– Ball releases and possessions
– Average duration on the ball
– One touch and short/long possessions.
– Kick velocity.
– Understand the gaps between your dominant and weaker foot.
– Sprint distance, distance covered, top speed and work rate.

They weigh 6grams each, so won’t make your your foot feel heavy. Sensors are one size, medium and large options refer to the straps only. And finally, they come with 10 hours of battery life to get you through a weekend tournament.
STATSports Vest

STATSports Apex Athlete Vest

Price: $299.99

Description: If you have ever spotted pro players wearing a funny looking black vest in practice and games, this would be what it is! Seen to be the elite option of pro players and clubs, the STATsports GPS Performance Tracker allows athletes to track game data live using 14 different metrics. Where the Playmaker tracks your foot movements, the vest is designed to track more of your fitness and playing performance, tracking:

– Heart rate
– Max speed
– Total distance
– Number of sprints
– Time in red zone

It is FIFA approved, and is the official on-field monitoring device of the US Soccer Federation, and top teams in the game, including Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Brazil.

No. 4 – Teqball Table

Teqball Table

Price: $1800 to $3500

Description: You might recall seeing some awesome videos over the past year of players playing soccer tennis on what looked like a ping-pong table. Well, officially it is called a Teqball table and they are a lot of fun to play on. First, you have to have the right amount of space. It is pretty large and although it is waterproof, you are likely going to want to keep it stored in a dry location. Second, they are pretty expensive so you have to know you will get enough use to consider it value for money. But for building eye coordination and ball control they are pretty awesome!

Teqball blends tennis, ping pong, volleyball, and soccer into one incredible game.

No. 5 – Ted Lasso Gear

Ted Lasso

One of the best TV shows we have seen in a while, opening up a completely new type of soccer fans. It is impossible not to like. If you haven’t seen the show yet, you really have to watch it – it is not just about football (soccer) but it also creates a connection with life off the field, including tackling topics such as mental health.

A subscription to Apple TV would be a great starting point. But there are also a wide range of gifts you can find that fans will love, for example:

Ted Lasso inspiration speech poster HERE
Danny Rojas “futbol is life” t-shirt HERE
AFC Richmond Jersey t-shirt HERE

No. 6 – Soccer Rebounder

Soccer Rebounder Best Practice Equipment

When you are trying to work on your game at home, having a rebounder can be an incredible useful tool. Yes, you could use a wall, but the benefit to having a rebounder is that it can be angled to provide different levels of dampening, challenging your touch depending on the skills you are working on for the day. Whether you are a field player or goalkeeper, you can use a soccer rebounder to practice passing, heading, volleying, trapping, catching and more.

There is a huge selection of options available HERE.

No. 7 – Best Gifts For Soccer Coaches!

Gifts for Soccer Coaches

A Soccer Gift Card

If you just want to keep it simple, leave the choice in the hands of your soccer coach with a Gift Card. You really can’t go wrong letting them decide what it is that they want to purchase, whether it is some gear for themselves or some equipment for the team! Gift cards can also be emailed, so you can purchase them right up to Christmas.

Alpha Gol – Aluminum Folding Goal

Ok, so you could use a set of puggs for goals, or you could completely upgrade with goals designed to mimic the actual shape of goals and stand up to more than a season of use! My team purchased a set of 5×3 Alpha Goals for my team earlier this season, and I absolutely love them. They are light enough to carry to practice, super easy to setup, extremely durable and best of all, they can be used on any surface. The bottom features grips, so if you play on turf they stay in place. You don’t have to worry about them flying across the field on a windy day. Yes, they are in investment, but given what you get, I’d recommend them everyday of the week.

Duktig Trainer DLX

Again, this is something I’ve used the past few seasons as a coach. And I’ve mentioned to parents that if they ever want to surprise me with one, it will get use at some point! It is a coaching notebook with lined fields to be able to stay prepared for practice and games. Plus as an added bonus, the Trainer DLX is made with waterproof stone paper to keep your notes safe from the elements.

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