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Which adidas Laceless Option is Better? Copa PURE+ or X Speedportal+

adidas Copa PURE vs X Speedportal

Which is the better adidas laceless option? Copa PURE+ or X Speedportal+

Now that I’ve had a chance to test both, the answer is pretty clear. And what it really all comes down to is personal preference and expectation! Both have been a joy to wear, but the performance and experience has been very different. Each silo represents something different, intended to cater to a specific type of player.

To give you a better idea on which suits you best, I’ve broken down a brief comparison of both in different key categories.

*Sidenote – I obviously decided to compare them AFTER testing, so the images are of the boots having been worn.

Comparing adidas X Speedportal vs Copa Pure

How do they fit?

Copa – They are designed to be tighter starting out, allowing the leather upper material to stretch over time. Your foot feels like it is getting a hug when you put them on.
Speedportal – Offers a more natural, spacious fit from first wear. How they fit from first wear will be what you can expect over time.

Touch on the ball

Copa – You are relying on the feel of the leather to provide grip on the ball. It does, with a slightly tacky feel as you rub your fingers along the vamp. But there is no added technology.
Speedportal – adidas has placed a grip texturing along key touch areas of the upper, adding an additional level of grip as you control the ball. The instep also features a lot of grip for control in that area.

Heel/Ankle/Collar Fit

Both the Copa and Speedportal are very similar in this area, with pretty identical designs. Both feature a really nice cushioned inner heel that hugs your foot through play, adding an extra level of security without creating any unnecessary pressure. The only noticeable difference is that the collar on the Speedportal is cut a little shorter, right around the ankle socket level.

adidas Copa and Speedportal Soleplate Compared

Soleplate Traction

Copa – adidas felt super confident in reintroducing the Torsionframe soleplate. Each of the studs are semi rounded, ensuring less drag on surfaces. It makes them a very solid option for use on AG pitches.
Speedportal – Things are upgraded here, with adidas introducing a new Veloxcity Plate, a high-resilience, lightweight bio-based polyamide that maintains propulsion and acceleration performance. It is a lot more aggressive and designed to cut through the surface.

Overall Durability

Copa – Because the material is softer, you will see more wear over time. Plus the soleplate to upper joining seems like it might separate quickly. This is the one area where my confidence drifts a bit.
Speedportal – Synthetic won’t stretch, and adidas has added a small layer right around the upper to soleplate that will definitely enhance the life span of the boots.

Designed For

Copa – The purist that enjoys simplicity, sophistication and wants to play distraction free.
Speedportal – Those that appreciate aggressive styling a little more technology.

Which Would I Choose?

Ah yes, the ultimate question that I’m sure you all want an answer to. Given that I am more attack minded and rely on quick/dynamic touches, I would have to say that I much prefer the performance of the X Speedportal. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy wearing the Copa PURE – I did enjoy them. But, they just didn’t excite in the way the Speedportal did. But again, the more traditional styling with leather upper might be the difference that pushes you to choose the Copa!

Find the latest Copa PURE+ colorways HERE

Find the latest X Speedportal colorways HERE

Speedportal vs Copa

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