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Nike Phantom GX Pro FG - Boot Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Nike Phantom GX Pro FG – Boot Review

Nike Phantom GX Pro

Something that Nike has become really good at is producing high performing mid-tier silo options. Case in point, the latest Phantom GX Pro that provides control focused performance in an affordably priced package. Dressed in stealth black, this version features a low cut knit collar that is built into the overall design, providing a snug locked-in feel. The upper also features an intricate pattern that impacts touch on the ball.

Unusually, the Phantom GX Elite has been slow to transition into the US market. Pairs are only now starting to ship from big retailers. As a result, it has given us extended time with the Phantom GX Pro, allowing us to really get to know them before checking out the Elite level model. And I’ll be honest, if these are anything to go by and the Elite model is even better, they are a boot that sit among the top available right now!

Nike Phantom GX Pro (2)

Nike Phantom GX Pro Fingerprint Upper

Nike Phantom GX Pro Fingerprint Pattern

What does the GX Pro have on offer?

Let’s start with the upper. From the midfoot through forefoot, it is a NikeSkin material that sits on top of a textured underlayer. The actual texturing has a fingerprint type pattern, with individual strands running across the upper. Another good way of describing the pattern is like a high or a low pressure system that you would see on a weather forecast. The actual center sits across the instep, and each pressure bar stretches out from that point. To the touch, it is unlike any boot we have seen released before, with each ripple gently ridged up across the pliable NikeSkin material. You can easily tell that the material is a synthetic, but it molds and folds just like a leather, providing a super natural touch on the ball. Coupled with the texturing, it plays out wonderfully well on the ball.

Underfoot, the traction system follows the same pattern found on the Elite model, just with a slightly toned down plate. Tri-star studs work with forefoot flex grooves to provide optimal traction and help unlock change of direction. It is pretty aggressive plate that definitely grips the surface when looking to make dynamic movements on the pitch. In play, you can feel the agility focus, where the studs provide slightly different sensations depending on which part of the soleplate (and which particular stud) leaves the surface first. For some, it might be a little too aggressive, creating over bite that could be problematic if you have ankle issues.

Nike Phantom GX Pro Soleplate

Nike Phantom GX Pro Soleplate Traction

Fit and Comfort

In terms of actual fit and comfort, they are pretty dreamy! Right out of the box, the Phantom GX Pro is very pliable, offering a natural fit and ease of wear from the very beginning. I’d rate them as being a snug true to size, not ideal for wide fitting players but perfect for those that want something the creates an “as one” connection with your foot. Over time, the upper will provide some stretch but nothing overly dramatic. They are not an ideal option for wide fitting players, so if you find them to be pretty tight from first wear I would move to another option.

From my experience, they fit my medium/wide foot pretty well. They did feel snug from first wear with not a lot ofwiggle room, but I enjoyed the overall shape that closes in around the toes. Note the shape in the bottom images where I have them on foot. Inside the shoe, they felt very comfortable, with the forefoot cavity providing a smooth surface area and the heel having enough padding to reduce any possibility of discomfort.

Something else I really appreciate is the raised edge or lip that Nike has placed on the soleplate just around the forefoot. It adds additional durability in an area that frequently separates, especially while playing on turf. It is a simple modification that can add value to the lifespan of the boots.

Nike Phantom GX Pro review
Nike Phantom GX Pro Heel Design

“Nike Pro cleats are for the pinpoint passer who can curl the ball around the defense and the inventive, yet elusive yo-yo dribbler who has the ball on a string. Your game is all about precision, making the plays that matter most.” 

As mid-tier boots go, these could be one of the top options you will find on the market right now! Nike realizes the importance of keeping players in the $150 price range happy, so they have dreams of one day owning an elite level silo in the range. It is a simple but genius move; ensure your mid-tier performs at a high level and you can corner a huge part of the player market. Having worn them over a dozen times to date, I’d definitely recommend these as a solid game option for players who are on a budget.

We have already seen several colorways released to market in pretty quick succession, both in the DF and regular cut versions. Some are already shipping, while others have been introduced before they are ready to ship.

Find all colorways currently available at

Nike Phantom GX Pro Fit and Performance

Nike Phantom GX Pro How do they Fit

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