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“What If” NASA Designed a Futuristic Soccer Cleat?

Concept Soccer Cleat NASA

What If NASA Designed a Futuristic Soccer Cleat?

In this concept that push the limits of innovation in football boots, the ever brilliant Hussain Almossawi has looked for a way to bring together two uniquely different universes – soccer and space exploration. It’s a fun future-driven concept of what footwear could look like when it’s driven by digital and tech, and influenced by one of the most innovative and scientifically driven companies in the world, such as NASA.

The NASA-inspired boot has a futuristic, minimal aesthetic that can be seen from the upper through to the studs, which light up and activate gravity resistance sensors to enhance shot accuracies. The cleat helps you defy the rules of gravity when playing in outer space, creating an entirely new dimension to the game.

NASA Soccer Cleat Concept

NASA Soccer Cleats

“This was a fun concept I created as a product designer, imagining what the future of football boots can look like when the 2 universes of different brands merge together. It is part of a bigger series of WHAT IF concepts I have been creating.”

Check out more concept designs and projects by Hussain at mossawi_

NASA Concept Cleats by Hussain Almossawi

NASA Cleats Zero Gravity

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