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Vinícius Jr – The Next Big Thing in Soccer Cleats?

Vinícius Jr The Next Big Thing in Soccer Cleats

Brazilian forward, Vinícius Jr, was again subjected to persistent racist abuse during Real Madrid’s 1-0 defeat to Valencia over the weekend. The fact this is happening in 2023, and the fact La Liga hasn’t found a way to stop it, is absolutely vile and disgusting.

Racism has no place in soccer, and La Liga needs to take drastic action and address the situation to make sure it stops now.

There are lots of articles covering the incident right now. So, I wanted to put the focus on something a little more positive, highlighting the fact Vinicius Junior is one of the most exciting young players in world football. The Brazilian winger has been in incredible form for Real Madrid this season, scoring 17 goals and providing 10 assists in La Liga. He is also a key member of the Brazil national team, and he is expected to play a major role in the 2022 World Cup. One of the things that makes Vinicius so special is his dribbling ability. He is incredibly quick and agile, and he has the ability to beat defenders with ease. He is also a very good finisher, and he has a knack for scoring goals in important matches.

Vinicius Soccer Cleats

Vinicius currently wears the last generation Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 soccer cleats, last week he was in the highlighter neon yellow colorway. These boots are designed to help players with quick acceleration and explosive speed. They also have a lightweight construction that allows players to make quick cuts and changes of direction.

And that got us thinking – could Vinicius be one of the next big players to have his own range of boots or custom boots? He is a very marketable player, and he has a large following on social media. He is also a very talented player, and he is sure to continue to improve in the years to come. Nike should 100% allow him the opportunity to design his own boots, maybe even share a message against Racism. The brand would be able to tap into Vinicius Jr.’s large following and generate a lot of excitement for their product.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. If Vinicius Jr. continues to play at a high level, in my opinion it is only a matter of time before he gets his own range of boots or custom boots.

could Vinicius be one of the next big players to have his own range of boots or custom boots

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