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Stepping into Beckham’s Cleats: A Journey through His Iconic Boot Collection

David Beckham Talks Soccer Cleats

What is better than David Beckham talking about his favorite boots, walking us through some of the most iconic pairs he wore through his career. Listening to Becks speak about soccer cleats from his illustrious career is truly captivating and immensely cool. As one of the most iconic and influential footballers of all time, his insights and experiences hold immense value for soccer enthusiasts and gear aficionados alike.

“It makes me want to still play, it makes me wish that I was still playing to wear these boots.” – David Beckham

Here is his thoughts on some of the most influential boots during his career – or check the video below to watch!

adidas Predator Touch

“I have very fond memories because this was the boot that I scored the halfway line goal in. Yeah fond memories from those, such a great boot.”

adidas Predator Accelerator

“I think for me personally, this is my favorite. I’ve won the European Cup in these boots so I have great memories from that.”

adidas Predator Precision

“A white boot has always been my favorite boot. Obviously this one, the goal against Greece at Old Trafford to take England through to the World Cup, it was a very special moment for me, for the country, for the fans.”

adidas Predator Powerswerve

“You know when we designed this, I’d just moved to LA. So, this was the boot that I wore in my first season. I always try to create memories from my career with the design on the boot, with the design of the tongue, what I have on the boot whether it is my wife’s name, my wife’s initials, my son’s names, or my daughters.”

Adidas Predator Accuracy

“Every time Adidas bring a new pair of boots out and a new design, I miss playing. It is a great design and a great color, I’m not sure I could pull this color off now. But, the design is always ahead of its time and they are by far the best boots.”

The video comes as part of adidas advertising campaign for the Predator Accuracy, the latest release in the iconic silo. Predator Accuracy is designed to help players improve their control and ball striking, featuring a soft, coated textile upper with high definition grip texture across its medial side, which provides enhanced grip and feel on the ball.


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