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Power, Precision, and Style: Discover the Puma x Silni Elements Pack - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Power, Precision, and Style: Discover the Puma x Silni Elements Pack

Power, Precision, and Style Discover the Puma x Silni Elements Pack

As the 22/23 soccer season draws to a close, Puma, in collaboration with graphic artist SILNI, unveils a final flourish – the Elements Pack. This collection sees the Future, Ultra, and King silos reimagined with vibrant hues and striking graphics, each representing a different element of nature.

SILNI, a renowned boot customizer, steps up as a designer for this collaboration, infusing his unique style into the Future Ultimate, Ultra Ultimate, and King Ultimate. The Elements Pack is a celebration of each silo’s distinct style of play, brought to life through graphical interpretations of the elements.

The Elements Pack: A Closer Look

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Silno Z

The Future Ultimate: Fire

Presented as an unstoppable blaze of creativity, the Future Ultimate symbolizes the fiery spirit of the players who wear it. The boot features a “Team Violet/Puma Black/Yellow Sizzle/Rickie Orange” colorway. In modest fashion, a black base is visible only on the upper portion, while the other colors, reminiscent of a roaring fire, rise from the shimmering chrome soleplate.

The Future Ultimate is engineered for players who value agility and control. The boot’s evoKNIT pro upper with NETFIT technology allows for a customizable fit and superior lockdown, enhancing the player’s agility and responsiveness on the field. Underfoot, a RAPIDAGILITY outsole, made of lightweight and reactive Pebax, provides excellent traction, enabling quick turns and explosive acceleration.

On the upper, a GripControl Pro coating ensures optimal ball control, allowing players to execute precise passes and shots, even at high speeds.

Price: $249.99
Available Sizes: 6.5-13

Puma ULTRA Ultimate Silni

The Ultra Ultimate: Lightning

Speed in the form of lightning – the Ultra Ultimate draws its inspiration from the swift and powerful lightning bolts. This is the one release where Silni implemented a lighter affair, with an official colorway of “Puma Navy/Puma White/Bright Aqua”. The blue dominates the rear half of the boot, while the white takes over the front, creating a striking contrast that mirrors the sudden flash of lightning.

Puma use a MATRYXEVO woven upper that provides a lightweight and form-fitting feel, enhancing the player’s speed and agility. The Pebax SpeedUnit outsole, inspired by running spikes, ensures rapid acceleration and high-speed movements, allowing players to outrun their opponents and reach the ball faster.

The boot’s GripControl Pro coating offers excellent ball control at high velocities, enabling precise passes and shots even when moving at top speed. Ultra Ultimate also features a Nano Grip sock liner, ensuring a secure fit and preventing foot slippage within the boot during high-speed maneuvers.

Price: $249.99
Available Sizes: 6.5-13

Puma KING Ultimate Silni

The King Ultimate: Wind

Known for its control of the game, the King Ultimate is adorned with graphics that nod to the force and control of the wind. The “Puma Black/Puma Gold/Team Violet” colorway gives the boot a cosmic vibe. The black base is complemented by the purple graphic and gold accents, creating a strong and commanding look, much like the wind’s unpredictable force.

Built as a control boot and engineered for players who dictate the game’s pace and direction, the King Ultimate features a premium K-leather upper that provides a snug fit and enhances ball feel. This in turn allows for precise control and touch. The RAPIDSPRINT outsole offers excellent traction and stability, enabling quick changes in direction and steady movements even at high speeds.

The boot’s evoKNIT pro tongue and collar ensure a secure and comfortable fit, enhancing the player’s control over their movements. The GripControl Pro coating further enhances ball control, allowing for precise passes and shots.

Price: $229.99
Available Sizes: 6.5-13

The Puma x Silni Elements Pack is a fitting close to the season, offering players a chance to express their style of play through the boots they wear. With its vibrant colors and striking graphics, the Elements Pack is not just a collection of soccer boots; it’s a celebration of the beautiful game itself. rugged design reflect the resilience and endurance of nature. This boot is for players who provide a solid foundation for their team, much like the earth beneath our feet.cts of the game.

Find the entire pack available at

The collaboration between SILNI and Puma on the Elements Pack is a strategic partnership that benefits both parties and brings a unique offering to the market.

From SILNI’s perspective, partnering with a global brand like Puma provides a significant platform to showcase their design capabilities to a broader audience. As a renowned boot customizer, SILNI has a unique artistic vision that, when applied to Puma’s high-performance soccer cleats, results in a product that is both visually stunning and functionally superior. This collaboration allows SILNI to elevate their brand status and reach, moving from a boot customizer to a recognized designer in the soccer world.

For Puma, this partnership brings a fresh and innovative design perspective to their products. SILNI’s unique artistic style, combined with Puma’s technical expertise, results in a product that stands out in a competitive market. The Elements Pack is not just a collection of soccer cleats; it’s a fusion of art and technology that appeals to soccer players who value design as much as performance. This collaboration allows Puma to differentiate their products, engage with a new audience, and reinforce their position as a brand that values innovation and creativity.

In essence, the partnership between SILNI and Puma is a fusion of art and technology, resulting in a product that is unique, innovative, and appealing to a broad range of soccer players.

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Silni

Puma Ultra Ultimate Silni Custom

Silni Puma King

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