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PUMA x Christian Pulisic Youth Collection – CP10 Breakdown

Puma Christian Pulisic Youth Collection

PUMA has launched its first-ever CP youth collection in collaboration with Christian Pulisic. With the youth-only pack, Christian hopes to inspire his young soccer fans looking to start their own story and reach superhero status on the field.

This time around, Christian’s ‘super’ nickname he was given on the field as well as his tattoo art serves as inspiration behind the pack. The designs feature some of his biggest moments drawn in bold graphic style.

Last week, we talked about the a signature piece of the collaboration: the PUMA x CHRISTIAN PULISIC ULTRA ULTIMATE. They come with a price tag of $220, are designed for adult level soccer, and are more than just a fancy pair of shoes with a popular name attached to them​. The boots feature a PUMA white base with Lime Smash and Clyde Royal graphic detailing, which are designed to make them pop on the field. The ULTRA ULTIMATE boots boast a lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper and a firm ground sole plate, features that promise to help you get to the ball faster and pick out the bottom corner with precision​.

Christian Pulisic Collection Youth Soccer Cleats

Puma Ultra CP10 Kids Boot in Red

Puma Ultra CP10 Kids Boot in Blue

But more importantly is the youth releases in the collection – Puma Ultra Play CP10 – again inspired by Pulisic’s personal journey. Two of his favorite tattoos are represented in the designs, adding a touch of personal significance to each item​. The first pair comes in Puma Red, while the seond comes in a Puma Blue. Both retail for $59.99.

The collection also includes a variety of soccer balls, apparel, and more. The PUMA x CHRISTIAN PULISIC Graphic Soccer Ball caught my eye with its price of $25 and the same striking design elements as the boots. The PUMA x CHRISTIAN PULISIC Big Kids’ Jersey at $40 and the PUMA x CHRISTIAN PULISIC CP10 Men’s Track Jacket at $71.99 are also worth checking out​​.

In all, the PUMA x CHRISTIAN PULISIC collection is a combination of design brilliance, performance upgrades, and personal storytelling. Whether you’re a fan of Christian Pulisic, a PUMA enthusiast, or a soccer player looking for some fresh gear, this collection is definitely worth exploring. And who knows? Maybe the boots’ lightweight design and comfortable fit will inspire you to conquer the pitch just like Pulisic himself.

The CP youth pack is already available at

Puma Christian Pulisic Collection Pack Ball Bag

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