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Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Soccer Cleats Worth Checking Out!

If you are anything like me, you are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest releases from your favorite brands. However, amidst the constant flood of new models, some remarkable soccer cleats often slip by unnoticed, or become available sometime after selling out.

Well, good news – I’ve found a whole selection worth checking out. In this article, we shine a spotlight on these hidden gems, featuring a mix of overlooked recent releases and nostalgic models that deserve renewed attention. Join us on a journey through time and discover these extraordinary soccer cleats that may have flown under your radar.

adidas Copa Icon

adidas Copa Icon FG

Retail: $179.99

Embracing adidas’ rich history and soccer legacy, the Copa Icon stands tall as a modern cleat designed for the classic consumer. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this boot pays homage to the iconic Copa series while delivering cutting-edge performance on the pitch.

At the heart of the Copa Icon lies its premium cow leather upper, expertly stitched to strike the perfect balance between softness, flexibility, and stability. This triple play of qualities ensures a luxurious feel, enabling players to maneuver effortlessly while maintaining optimal support throughout the game.

adidas X Speed 99

adidas X Speed Sense 99 L

Retail: $319.99

Accelerate past defenders and leave them in awe with the adidas X Speed Sense 99 Leather: Green means Go. Engineered for superior performance on natural grass surfaces, this cleat combines speed, style, and precision, making it a true masterpiece on the pitch. Get ready to turn heads and keep the opposition guessing with every lightning-fast move.

Pantofola Argentina

Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini Canguro “Argentina” Edition

Retail: $189.99 (on sale for $149.99)

Wearing the Pantofola d’Or Lazzarini, you walk in the footsteps of football icons who made history in these cleats. Legends like Johan Cruyff, Roberto Mancini, Jurgen Klinsmann, and John Charles have all left their mark while donning this iconic footwear. Now it’s your turn to continue the legend and create your own story on the pitch.

This special Argentina Edition features the country’s famous white and light blue colors, proudly displayed on the tongue alongside the Argentine flag. Embrace the spirit of Argentine football and showcase your passion with these remarkable boots that honor tradition and inspire greatness.

Nike Tiempo Made in Italy

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite “Made in Italy”

Retail: $229.99

Experience the fusion of timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship with the special edition Nike Tiempo Legend. Inspired by the distinguished shoe-making heritage of Italy’s Montebelluna region, renowned for its exceptional quality, these boots epitomize excellence.

From the side, the subtle hues of green, white, and red pay homage to Italy, proudly displayed on the rear quarter. Additionally, an insignia representing the Montebelluna region adorns the heel, further emphasizing the boot’s origins and the unrivaled quality it encompasses. Building upon the Tiempo’s legendary soft k-leather upper, this edition introduces a series of soft foam pods strategically placed in the forefoot and instep. These pods, featuring a subtle raised texture for enhanced grip, enhance dribbling, passing, and shooting precision, elevating your performance on the pitch.

Puma King Platinum

Puma KING Platinum 21 Ralley

Retail: $219.99 (on sale for $114.99)

Unleash your control and dominate the modern game with the special edition PUMA King Platinum 21 Ralley FG/AG. Designed to meet the demands of the fast-paced game, these boots provide the answers you need for quick and precise control on the pitch. With the improved King silo, featuring the revolutionary KINGForm technology, you can dictate the tempo and master every match you play.

The PUMA King’s all-new rib structure takes center stage, seamlessly merging with the super soft k-leather upper in key contact areas of the foot. This innovative design enhances the frequency of flawless touches and heightens the boot’s responsiveness, empowering you to execute your moves with unparalleled precision.

umbro velocita alchemist

Umbro Velocita Alchemist

Retail: $249.99

Elevate your game with the often overlooked release of the Umbro Velocita Alchemist Pro. This extraordinary boot combines functional design and groundbreaking innovation to unlock your true potential on the field. Crafted with a focus on sustainability, the Velocita Alchemist is engineered to enhance multi-directional speed, giving you the edge over your opponents.

The upper of the Velocita Alchemist Pro is constructed with the revolutionary PROWEAVE technology. This cutting-edge concept introduces zonal stretching, adapting to your foot’s movement and providing a customized and comfortable fit. Umbro has truly delivered in terms of adaptability and ensuring an optimal playing experience.

Tru Tenaci soccer cleat


Retail: $324.99 (on sale for $199)

A revolutionary shoe-sock system from the creators of TRUSOX. This groundbreaking innovation connects your foot to the footwear, unlocking unparalleled performance like never before.

The key to the Tenaci’s exceptional performance lies in its unique patented insole technology. By incorporating nano-fiber materials into the insole, this ingenious system creates a seamless interconnection of material layers, effectively locking the floor in place. This eliminates any internal movement within the footwear, ensuring unrivaled stability without sacrificing comfort or adding unnecessary weight. When paired with TRUSOX, the result is a complete shoe-sock combination that maximizes performance potential.

The removal of slippage in the entire chain of materials, from foot to ground, eliminates energy loss, allowing you to perform at your absolute best. Every ounce of power and agility is channeled into your movements, giving you the competitive edge on the field.

Gold Mizuno Morelia Neo

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro KL

Reatil: $129.99

Who doesn’t love a gold pair of soccer cleats at an incredible price? Experience the perfect balance of quality and affordability with the Mizuno Neo KL III FG soccer cleats. Modeled after the renowned Morelia Neo III, these boots combine the luxurious feel of soft kangaroo leather with premium materials, offering a high-quality experience without breaking the bank.

The upper of the Neo KL III FG features the finest kangaroo leather in the forefoot. This supple material provides exceptional touch, allowing for precise ball control and an enhanced feel for the game. Complementing the leather, the midfoot and heel areas are crafted from synthetic materials, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit throughout the entire foot. From the heel to the ankle and midfoot, these cleats offer excellent support and stability.


Puma Ultra BMW M5 FG

Retail: $299.99 (on sale for $195)

Join the exclusive family of players with the Puma Ultra BMW M5 FG, a remarkable iteration of PUMA’s renowned Ultra speed cleats. Designed for those who crave explosive acceleration, these cleats deliver unmatched speed and agility on the field.

The Puma Ultra BMW M5 FG boasts an ultra-lightweight construction, allowing you to reach new levels of speed. This is achieved through an advanced TPU-layered woven mesh upper that provides a perfect blend of flexibility and support. The innovative design enhances breathability and ensures a comfortable fit, enabling you to focus solely on your performance.

As soccer cleat fans, it is easy for us to get caught up in the hype surrounding new releases, inadvertently overlooking some of the more remarkable pairs that deserve our attention. By revisiting some of the hidden gems, both recent and nostalgic, we rediscover the innovation, style, and performance they brought to the game.

Whether you’re an enthusiast seeking something unique or a collector yearning for a rare find, these soccer cleats offer a chance to embrace the past while enjoying the best of today’s technology. So, lace up your boots and explore the world of the underrated soccer cleats that you may have missed. If you find any extra pairs that we might have missed, let us know in the comments below.

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